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Commercial Carpet Cleaner: CRI Certified Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

When you want to remove deep-down, ground-in dirt in a commercial setting, you need a carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner to do the job.  A carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner mixes water and cleaning solution, injects it deeply into the carpet
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BISSELL Rug Shampooer: New BISSELL 2-in-1 Pet Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL makes some of the most popular and highly rated home carpet cleaning machines available and they have just introduced a new BISSELL rug shampooer that will make cleaning your pet-friendly home easier, faster, and more effective.  Their new 2-in-1 pet
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Commercial Steam Iron: Top 7 Professional Ironing Systems

When you need to handle a large volume of ironing where crisp creases and fast response times are important, a commercial steam iron is the tool for the job.  The last thing you need, when ironing in a commercial environment, is
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Auto Carpet Shampooer: Most Powerful Professional Portable Car Carpet Cleaner

Vacuuming can get much of the dirt, dust, and crumbs that find their way into a vehicle’s carpeting, but if you have stains or want to deep clean your carpet, you need a powerful auto carpet shampooer.  An auto carpet shampooer
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Shampooer:  Top Rated Lift-Off Pet Full-Sized Carpet Cleaner

Most home carpet cleaners are designed to do an adequate job of cleaning your carpets, but you have pets and that means you need a carpet shampooer that can handle all the messes that your pets create.  The design of many
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Steamfast Upright Garment Steamer: Steamfast’s Best Home Steamer

Steamfast makes very popular garment steamers and a Steamfast upright garment steamer makes a great all-around home fabric steamer.  Steamfast has made their name by providing quality clothes steamers with plenty of features and user-friendly designs while keeping their prices low
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Steamfast Steamer: Great Back-to-College Garment Steamer

If there is one thing college students love, it’s easy.  Anything that helps them take care of their mundane tasks easier, so that they can get on with the business of college, is a good thing.  One example is a portable
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Clothes Press: Best Value Steam Press Buying Tips

A clothes press can iron and perfectly crease a variety of clothing and fabric items faster than an iron.  It simply has more ironing surface area and puts more pressure on the garment.  I’m sure you’ve noticed over time that those
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BISSELL PowerSteamer PowerBrush: Popular Value BISSELL Deep Carpet Cleaner

Looking for a powerful carpet cleaner that’s also a good value?  The popular BISSELL PowerSteamer has the cleaning power to do the job right without breaking the bank.  You can buy more complicated, more expensive models, but when it comes to
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Hand Held Steamer: Top 7 Best Rated Portable Steam Cleaners 2016

A hand held steamer can play an important role in your cleanup tasks by providing you a tool for quick cleanups around the kitchen, bath, and other areas of your home.  A hand held steamer has the advantage over large canister