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Upholstery Steamer: Best Commercial-Grade Upholstery Steamer

What makes a great upholstery steamer, particularly for commercial use?  First, you need plenty of power.  The best upholstery steamers have at least 1500 watts of steaming power.  The water reservoir should have plenty of capacity.  Lots of water means long steam
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Industrial Carpet Cleaner: Best Value Carpet Cleaner-Extractor

You can spend thousands of dollars on an industrial carpet cleaner, but are you really getting your money’s worth?  If you’re going to be cleaning a football field of carpet every day you may not have any choice, but to spring
Vapamore MR-1000 Featured Image

Commercial Floor Steamer: Top 5 Professional Floor Steamers 2016

I’ve written about steam cleaners, but they were for home users who just wanted a more durable steamer.  Most home floor steamers don’t even really use steam or use so little steam that you have to move them slowly to clean effectively