A BISSELL mop is designed to make cleaning your hard floor surfaces easier and faster.  Without a BISSELL mop, you need to get down on your hands and knees to do an effective job of cleaning your floors.  A powered floor mop keeps you off your knees while getting your floors clean.

BISSELL Mop: SpinWave Powered Hard Floor Mop Intro View 2Different from a BISSELL steam mop that uses steam to do the cleaning, a BISSELL floor mop uses powered rotating pads and cleaning solution to clean as effectively as manual mopping.

Why choose a BISSELL mop over other offerings?


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BISSELL powered mops are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver so you can completely clean your floors without the fatigue and pain of manual cleaning.






BISSELL Mop: SpinWave Powered Hard Floor Mop Intro ViewTheir powered cleaning pads scrub away dirt and grime while the on-demand cleaning solution dispensing system delivers the perfect amount of solution for each cleaning task

Swivel steering makes these powered mops highly maneuverable, so you can get close to baseboards and navigate around all your home obstacles.

A BISSELL mop is safe for use on all sealed hard floors and includes a set of soft touch pads for delicate, sealed hardwoods.

An easy-fill tank makes it easy to keep plenty of solution handy for touch cleaning jobs.


We searched cleaning forums, manufacturer sites, social media, retail sites, consumer sites, and customer review sites to find the most popular and highly rated powered floor mop.


Take a look at our choice and see if this BISSELL floor cleaner is the best floor mop for your needs!


BISSELL 2039A SpinWave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

BISSELL Mop: SpinWave Powered Hard Floor Mop Main ViewTired of scrubbing your floors manually using hand mops or ineffective cleaners?  Let the BISSELL 2039A SpinWave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner do most of the work for you.  It’s safe and effective for cleaning all sealed, hard surface floors like tile, linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood.  This BISSELL powered floor mop comes with scrubby pads for tough, sticky messes and soft touch cleaning pads for everyday cleaning.  Its on-demand spray gives you control over the precise dispensing of solution to match your cleaning tasks.  Innovative swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver around home obstacles, under furniture, close to baseboards, and get into tight spots other mops miss.  This BISSELL hard floor cleaner easily cleans up tough, sticky messes no matter where they happen and is perfect for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and any sealed-hard-floor living area.


BISSELL Mop: Features

  • Dual powered spin pad, powered BISSELL mop for safe and effective cleaning of all sealed hard floor surfaces including tile, linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood
  • Swivel steering maneuvers easily around and under furniture and into tight spaces for a more thorough cleaning
  • Two counter-rotating powered microfiber spin pads reduce cleaning effort while giving you the better cleaning results than spray mops
  • Safe on sealed hard floors like laminate, engineered wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and hardwood, the included soft cleaning pads are great for everyday cleaning and scrubby pads remove tough, sticky messes
  • Easy-to-use, on-demand solution spray button gives you precise control over solution dispensing to match your cleaning task
  • Simple to operate, just fill the solution tank with water and Multi-Surface formula, spray, and mop
  • BISSELL Mop: SpinWave Powered Hard Floor Mop Powered ViewReusable spin pads are washable to reduce waste
  • Included 8-oz. bottle of Multi-Surface Formula effectively cleans tile, linoleum, sealed hardwood and more
    Large 28-oz. solution tank capacity means more cleaning between refills
  • Lightweight at less than 10 lbs.
  • 2-Year limited warranty


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Customer Reviews

See BISSELL 2039A SpinWave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner Customer Reviews >>>







  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Easy to use
  • Effectively cleans hard floor surfaces
  • Easy maintenance



  • Complaints that it leaves film and marks behind
  • Must completely sweep before each use
  • Will not remove sticky, stuck-on or ground-in dirt and messes














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A powered floor mop is designed to clean very effectively while taking the arduous work out of cleaning hard floor surfaces.  We sincerely hope that this article has given you valuable information that helps you choose the best BISSELL mop for your needs!