When it comes to carpet steam cleaning, the BISSELL Power Steamer carpet steamer ranks highly as one of the best rated models available.  The BISSELL Power Steamer uses specially formulated carpet cleaning formula and powerful rotating brushes to remove more dirt than comparable models from other brands or any vacuum cleaner.

If you’ve been considering a home carpet steamer, but you’re hesitating because you’ve been renting, you really need to take a look at a Bissell Power Steamer rug shampooer.  When you take a closer look, your decision may be a no-brainer.BISSELL Power Steamer 1623 PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner Stairs Cleaning View


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BISSELL PowerSteamer 1623 PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner Brush ViewYou probably don’t rent a steam carpet cleaner or carpet shampooer often because of the high cost of the unit and the cleaning chemicals.  You also don’t hire carpet cleaning services very often because they are even more expensive and difficult to work into your schedule.  It’s also a pain to go get a steam cleaner rental unit and return it to where you rented it.  Just these two considerations may mean that you rent less than 4 times per year.  With that in mind, how clean are your carpets?  Not only will the BISSELL Power Steamer rug cleaner pay for itself in less than a year, you will be able to easily do monthly cleanings which will both reduce airborne allergens and prolong the life of your carpet.

Not all carpet cleaning solutions are the same.  BISSELL makes a specially formulated deep cleaner that when used in conjunction with a BISSELL carpet cleaner, gives your carpet a fresh smell and draws dirt out for a deep clean.




The brushes make all the difference when cleaning carpet.  If you’re not beating the carpet while you’re cleaning, you are leaving ground-in dirt behind.  BISSELL Power Steamers have powerful rotating brushes in an efficient wavy formation with five cleaning rows of stiff bristles that penetrate deep into your carpet to loosen dirt and remove stains that are then suctioned away.


How do you get the most out of your BISSELL Power Steamer?

  1. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove some dirt and loosen tough dirt in preparation for steam cleaning
  2. Pre-treat badly stained areas with a good pre-treatment formula like BISSELL Stain Pretreat for Carpet & Upholstery, 22 oz.
  3. Use hot tap water and BISSELL’s 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B carpet shampoo
  4. Press the trigger and make one slow forward and backward wet pass
  5. Then make one slow forward and backward dry pass without pressing the trigger to suction the dirty water
  6. To get your carpet drier, faster, repeat the process multiple times
  7. Tip: More even better results, wait until the carpet is dry and vacuum immediately

Tip: Experts recommend cleaning your carpet at least twice per year and more often if you have children, pets, allergy-sufferers, or smokers




BISSELL PowerSteamer PowerBrush Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 1623

BISSELL PowerSteamer 1623 PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner Full ViewThe BISSELL PowerSteamer 1623 PowerBrush Full-Sized Carpet Cleaner uses BISSELL’s specially formulated carpet cleaning formula and its powerful rotating brushes to remove more dirt than comparable models from other brands.  The secret is in its DirtLifter PowerBrushes consisting of five rows of tough bristles uniquely arranged in a wavy pattern that penetrate deep into carpets to power away dirt and stains.  These brushes in conjunction with BISSELL’s innovative, concentrated carpet cleaning formulas remove odors, keep carpets looking newer, longer, and even come complete with Scotchgard for additional stain protection.  Here’s what you need to know about these powerful carpet cleaning machines.



  • Powerful 6.6 Amp, full-size, upright, carpet cleaner
  • BISSELL’s exclusive DirtLifter PowerBrushes are powerful rotating brushes with five cleaning rows of stiff bristles in a unique wavy formation that penetrate deep to loosen more dirt and stains for suctioning away
  • Included BISSELL Spring Breeze Deep Cleaning Formula concentrated so you use less and deep cleans while keeping carpets fresher, odor-free, looking newer longer, and repels stains using built-in Scotchgard
  • ¾ Gallon, 2-in-1 water tank system keeps you cleaning longer without stopping to refresh solution mix
  • Dimensions are 19 x 11 x 44 inches and it weighs 25 lbs.


Included Accessories

  • 1 – 3-Inch Tough-Stain tool
  • 1 – Spraying crevice tool



  • Convenient size and weight
  • Great cleaning power
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good value





  • Water tank smaller than some



BISSELL PowerSteamer PowerBrush User Guide >>>




BISSELL Power Steamer 


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