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Carpet Scrubber: Featured Image

Carpet Scrubber: Top Rated Budget Deep Carpet Cleaner Stain Remover

A carpet scrubber adds solution and water to your carpet, agitates the carpet to remove dirt and stains, and then vacuums the solution back into a dirty water tank to leave your carpet cleaner and fresher.  A carpet scrubber uses hot
Mytee Carpet Extractor: Featured Image

Mytee Carpet Extractor: Most Popular Top Rated Mytee Commercial Carpet Cleaner

A Mytee carpet extractor is the go-to tool of cleaners and detailers who want the performance and reliability they offer.  You can buy a Mytee carpet extractor in a variety of sizes, with various power levels, single or multiple motors, and
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Commercial Carpet Cleaner: CRI Certified Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

When you want to remove deep-down, ground-in dirt in a commercial setting, you need a carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner to do the job.  A carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner mixes water and cleaning solution, injects it deeply into the carpet
Carpet Extractor: Featured Image

Carpet Extractor: Top 5 Commercial Carpet Cleaners 2018

A commercial carpet extractor works by injecting cleaning solution and water into carpet or upholstery and then vacuuming it out with powerful suction.  Carpet extractors are known by many names including steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, portable carpet cleaning machines, portable cleaning