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Best Portable Carpet Cleaner: Featured Image

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner: Top 5 Best Rated Spot Cleaners 2018

Looking for the best portable carpet cleaner to remove stain spots on carpet and upholstery.  A portable spot cleaner is a handy tool to remove spots from carpet wherever you find them, even in your car or truck.  The best portable
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Cheap Carpet Cleaners: Top 5 Best Rated Carpet Cleaners Under $200 2017

When it comes to cheap carpet cleaners, cheap these days means less than $200.  There are very few models of cheap carpet cleaners that are less than $200, but we found some good ones that have the performance and features to make
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Carpet Spot Cleaner Machine: Best New Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

A carpet spot cleaner machine performs the special function of removing stains from carpets, carpeted stairs, and upholstery.  It is designed perform better on stain spots than a regular carpet cleaner and is portable and easier to use.  Instead, you can
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Steam Vac: Top 5 Best Rated Carpet Cleaners 2017

You’re looking for a Hoover Steam Vac or SteamVac as Hoover refers to them.  It’s important that you not only look at a Steam Vac but you consider some of the other top rated carpet washers that may do a better
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Best Home Carpet Cleaner: Top Rated Best Cleaning Carpet Washer

You have pets, kids, or both and you have carpet.  That’s a cleaning dilemma that many families face every day.  The key is to find the best home carpet cleaner to tackle all of those messes.  The best home carpet cleaner should