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Hoover Power Path Deluxe Featured Image

Hoover Steam Vac: New Power Path Carpet Washer 2017

Hoover has released a number of new Hoover Steam Vac carpet washers that are really taking the carpet cleaning market by storm.  Each member of their new Power Path series has the benefit of Dual Spin Power Brushes that unlock deep-down
Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Featured Image

Rug Shampooer: Best New Home Carpet Washer 2017

Let’s face it.  Most carpet washers that claim to be a great rug shampooer pull dirt out of your carpet, but then they hold on to that dirt and simply redistribute it someplace else in your house.  That’s because dirt, grime,
Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 Featured Image

Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 Carpet Cleaner

Another great carpet cleaner from Hoover, the Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 is also a good value.  You get a 12-amp motor, SpinScrub Technology, CleanSurge, and an adjustable brushroll all of which together make the SteamVac F5914-900 a very capable carpet cleaner.  Go
Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Featured Image

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner

Get a Hoover MaxExtract Dual V carpet cleaner and leave the rentals behind.  With a powerful 12 amp motor, advanced Hoover cleaning technology, and a 13-inch wide cleaning path this Hoover can make quick work of even the toughest cleaning tasks.
Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Featured Image

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner

With its more powerful motor and automated detergent system, the Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain has all the tools to provide a clean as good or better than rental cleaners.  See all of its feature details. Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Performance The MaxExtract All-Terrain,
Hoover MaxExtract 60 Featured Image

Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro FH50220 Carpet Deep Cleaner

Like its bigger brother, the Hoover MaxExtract 60 has advanced technology to tackle your toughest cleaning jobs and get your floors cleaner than you ever thought possible.  It’s hard to be the combination of a powerful motor, Dual V Nozzle Technology,
Hoover MaxExtract 77 Featured Image

Hoover MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet/Hard Floor Cleaner

If you’re looking for a multi-surface floor cleaner with all the performance and features you want at a reasonable price, then look no further than the Hoover MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface Pro.  It has the extra power, pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning performance, and
Hoover Steam Cleaner SteamVac F5914-900 Front View

Hoover Steam Cleaner: 5 Best Selling Carpet and Floor Cleaners

Hoover is far and away the industry leader in carpet cleaners with its very popular SteamVac and MaxExtract Hoover steam cleaner lines. Hoover is now part of TTI Floor Care North America, the largest floor care company in North America and