There are people who use a clothes iron for casual pressing to remove wrinkles from their clothing, those who use it religiously to remove wrinkles from all kinds of fabrics, and then there are the quilters and sewers who use the steam iron as a tool and an integral part of the quilting and sewing process.

Clothes Iron: Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron Intro ViewIn the words of Suzy from, “If quilters were cowboys, they would all have irons in their hip holsters.”

She recommends to always iron before you cut and sew fabric and then once you’ve sewn a seam, press the seam.

What should you consider when buying a clothes iron for quilting and sewing?

iTouch Technology

What’s one of the toughest parts of using a clothes iron repeatedly to iron and press fabrics as part of the sewing process?  Lifting and lowering the iron can really take a toll on your wrists, shoulders, and back.  What would be nice, is if you didn’t even have to lift or lower the iron.  In other words, if it automatically raised and lowered by itself, now that would be a neat trick.


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Another advantage of iTouch Technology is the patented extra-wide Scorchguards that lift the iron off the board to prevent scorches, burns, and tipping

Swivel Power Cord Connection

Another clothes iron feature that is almost a must-have for quilters and sewers is the 360-degree swivel power cord that keeps you from having to move the ironing board or fabric during ironing.

Digitally Controlled Temperature

All you have to do is try to move an iron across your fabric at too high a temperature to know how Clothes Iron: Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron Controls Viewimportant temperature control is.  Having your iron stick to your fabric, shine it, or possibly even scorch it is no fun.  Digital temperature control insures that you can not only achieve the right temperature, but also, almost as importantly, do it consistently.

Reservoir Size

Quilters and sewers do a lot of ironing and a larger water reservoir means longer ironing sessions without refilling.  This can save time and inconvenience.

Distilled Water

All iron manufacturers recommend the use of distilled water, even if they have built in technology to keep the iron free of calcium and mineral deposits.  It’s up to you, but distilled water should prolong the life of your iron.





We searched sewing forums, manufactures sites, social media, customer review sites, retail sites, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highest rated steam iron.


Take a look at our choice and see if this Smart Iron is the best clothes iron for your needs!


Oliso Pro TG1600 1800W Smart Iron with iTouch Technology in Yellow

Clothes Iron: Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron Main ViewOliso’s San Francisco-based team of inventors, engineers, and researches believe in a human-centered design process where great ideas are inspired by listening to people.  Their goal is to marry aesthetics and function to create ergonomically optimized products that can change your home and lifestyle for the better.  Their Oliso Pro TG1600 1800W Smart Iron with iTouch Technology in Yellow features innovative iTouch Technology that allows you to simply touch the handle for the iron to lower itself into position ready to iron.  Take you hand off the and the patented extra-wide Scorchguards lift the iron automatically off the board to prevent scorches, burns, flipping, and to reduce strain on your wrists and shoulders.  iTouch along with 1800 watts of power can save you up to 30% of your time as well.  Other innovative features like TriplePlay XtremeSteam, OnePass Pressing, and a Pro-Zone extra-thick soleplate give you complete control over your ironing.  This may be the easiest, safest, and most fun way to iron yet developed.


Clothes Iron: Features

  • 1800-watt, rapid heating, automatic lowering and raising, clothes iron for quilters and sewers
  • Patented iTouch technology lowers the iron automatically into ironing position at a simple touch and then raises the iron automatically when you take your hand off the iron reducing strain on wrists, shoulders, and back and saving up to 30% of your time
  • Three fabric settings (synthetic, wool/silk, and linen/cotton) along with digitally controlled temperature assure precise and consistent heating
  • TriplePlay XtremeSteam gives you three steam settings (continuous, horizontal burst, vertical burst) along with three steam levels (low, medium, high) for complete control over steam usage
  • OnePass Pressing uses a combination of an extra-thick soleplate with optimal heat retention and horizontal and vertical bursts of steam do a better job of winkle removal
  • Use the spray mist feature to dampen fabric and iron out extra-stubborn wrinkles






  • Pro-Zone extra thick, Beatblast chromium finish stainless steel soleplate distributes steam evenly, is more scratch-resistant, glides easily over fabrics, and has an extra-flat pressing area with a 2-inch detailer pointed tip for easier maneuvering in tight areas like pleats, pockets, cuffs, collars, and over bias tape
  • Patented extra-side Scorchguards prevent scorching, burns, and tipping
  • Anti-drip system prevents spitting and leaking while the iron is hot
  • An anti-calcium self-cleaning system keeps the iron free of calcium and mineral deposits of optimal performance and long life
  • Extended 30-minute auto-shut off caters to the ironing style of quilters and sewers and reactivates at a touch of the handle
  • Safety features include an automatic 30-second shutoff if the iron tips over
  • Extra-large 12.7-ounce side, easy-fill water tank with built-in funnel is designed for heavy steam usage
  • A handy large fill cup is included
  • Clothes Iron: Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron Soleplate View12-foot power cord pivots 360 degrees giving you full range of motion, easy right- or left-handed use, and a long reach for sewers and quilters
  • 1-Year limited warranty


Customer Reviews

See Oliso Pro TG1600 1800W Smart Iron with iTouch Technology in Yellow Customer Reviews >>>



  • iTouch system saves your wrist and shoulder
  • Safer because it doesn’t stand on end
  • Swivel power cord connection reduces frustration
  • Extended 30-minute auto-shut off is great for quilters



  • Soleplate doesn’t glide as easily as advertised
  • Popping up and down can take some getting used to
  • Pricey
  • Difficult to empty water reservoir














Clothes Iron



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The right clothes iron with powerful features can make iron much easier, faster, and with less frustration.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right clothes iron for your needs!