A clothes press can iron and perfectly crease a variety of clothing and fabric items faster than an iron.  It simply has more ironing surface area and puts more pressure on the garment.  I’m sure you’ve noticed over time that those well-defined creases in trousers and shirts become less well-defined if not nearly invisible.  A clothes press can help you put new life back into your clothing by restoring those crisp lines that you loved when you bought them.

Having a clothes press is like having a heavy, powerful professional iron and high-quality ironing board in one.  The difference is in its size.  You can think of a steam press like a giant iron that can press large sections of clothing items faster, safer, and with a reduced risk of scorching or shining.  You will be able to blast through ironing many more clothing items with a clothes press in far less time using an iron press than with a conventional steam iron.

Clothes Press Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Table Top ViewThe amount of pressure that a clothes press can bring to bear on your garments is key to renewing and refreshing sharp creases.  It can produce up to five times more pressure than a standard clothes iron.

You’re considering a steam press to solve some of your ironing problems, but how do you choose the best one to buy and get the best value?

Surface Area

A larger steam press surface area means you can press a larger section of garments at one time reducing the time that it takes to iron multiple items.  For larger fabric items like sheets and drapes, a steam press can reduce the time to make them wrinkle-free significantly.  You need to be careful though because the larger the clothing press, the more it will cost.


Steam presses aren’t small appliances.  They take up a lot of room and need either a custom table or the perfect height existing counter or table to be used effectively and efficiently.  More expensive models have built-in adjustable stands so you can achieve the right height easily, while table-top models usually require you to buy an optional stand if you don’t have the counter or table space.


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It’s not always convenient to bring all the ironing tasks to the steam press.  Instead, if you’re planning to share the press with family and friends, it would be more convenient to get a portable model.  Although they are heavy, tabletop models are technically portable and will easily fit in the backseat or trunk of a car.




Steam or No Steam

Sheer fabrics, for instance, should be dry pressed.  If you will be routinely pressing fabrics that require dry-pressing, make sure the press you buy has the option to press without steam.

Clothes Press Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Pressing viewSafety

The last thing you want to do is leave the steam press on inadvertently because you were called away to take care of some family emergency, particularly if you have little ones around.  Some models have built-in shutoffs that will turn the press off if left up without use for a preset time or if they are left in the down position without lifting.  These shutoffs can also be accompanied by an audible alarm to alert you to the problem.


It used to be that steam presses could only be found in professional dry cleaners, laundries, and catering establishments due to their cost.  All that has changed.  Prices of tabletop models are now more in line with household budgets bringing their power and performance to the masses.  If you’re looking for faster, more professional ironing results, a steam press is the only way to go.


We searched forums, retail sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, and manufacturer sites to find the best-rated, value steam press available.


Take a look at our choice and see if it’s the perfect steam press for your needs!


Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press

Clothes Press Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Full ViewIt may feel like magic once you start using your Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press as you complete your pressing tasks in half the time.  It exerts 100 lbs. of pressure on your garments and fabrics with just a touch from you.  It gives you the option of using no steam or applying Electronically Pumped Variable Steam depending on the fabrics you’re pressing.  Built-in safety features include automatic safety shutoffs that shuts off power if the handle is left up more than 15 minutes or down for more than 10 minutes along with an electronic alarm to audibly alert you.  With a surface area 14X larger than a standard iron, you will be finishing your pressing tasks faster than ever before.  Easily transportable, you simply lock the handle in place and its lightweight 22 lbs. is ready to go anywhere.  Here’s what you need to know about this trouser press and fabric steam press.






Clothers Press Singer ESP-2 Steam Press Controls ViewClothes Press: Features

  • Solid, durable die-cast aluminum base construction
  • Large 24 x 9 inches pressing area is almost 14X larger than a standard iron and can reduce ironing time by 50%
  • Capable of exerting 100 lbs. of pressure on fabrics with a fingertip’s force from you
  • Choose no steam or electronically pumped variable steam depending on your ironing task
  • Built in safety shutoff automatically turns off power if the handle is left up for 15 minutes or down for 10 minutes along with a periodic 10 second audible alert
  • Lock the handle and easily transport this steam press’s 22 lbs. wherever you need it
  • Its accurate variable electronic fabric temperature settings can handle nylon, linen, and everything in between
    Large 300 mL water reservoir is easy to fill and is easy to read and provides a long steam duration
  • Burst mode provides a powerful shot of steam when you need it
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • 1 – Pressing cushion
  • 1 – Measuring cup
  • 1 – Spray bottle






Popular Clothes Press Models



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