Home clothing steamers are some of the most popular appliances available. It’s easy to see why. Home garment steamers haveClothing Steamers Salav GS45-DJ Professional Series Canister View a number of advantages when compared to traditional irons.

Irons require the time and energy to get the ironing board out from its hiding place, extend it, and wait for the iron to build-up steam. Once you have steam, most iron reservoirs are small and may require refilling before you’re done ironing. Garment steamers don’t require an ironing board, have large reservoirs for long steam times, and build-up steam faster than ever, usually in less than a minute.

Ironing is a risky business when it comes to your valuable clothing. Irons can scorch, shine, or even burn delicate fabrics such as dresses, slacks, and shirts making them unusable. Temperature adjustment is puzzling at best and not very accurate.

Clothing steamers use steam to remove wrinkles so the steamer’s head does not get as hot as an iron and although it can touch your fabric, it won’t burn, shine, or scorch it. In fact, a clothing steamer issafe for fabrics you wouldn’t consider touching with your iron. Fabric steamers couldn’t be easier or faster to use. Just fill the reservoir, wait about a minute, and your clothes steamer is ready to steam.




Irons are heavy and unstable, especially while sitting on an equally unstable ironing board.  They can fall off the ironing board and burn you or hurt your feet. Garment steamers for clothes have a lightweight head that is easy to use with less fatigue and no risk of falling and damaging anything or injuring anyone.


We are continuously on the lookout for new garment steamers both for the home and travel and we recently found one that has the features and performance usually reserved for much more expensive models. Take a look and see if this great new fabric steamer might be the best garment steamer for you!


Clothing Steamers: Salav GS45-DJ Professional Garment Steamer for Clothes

Clothing Steamers Salav GS45-DJ Professional Series Large Canister ViewWhat sets the Salav GS45-DJ Professional Garment Steamer apart from other models is its power and features. It produces a full 1500 watts of power, has a dual telescopic bar for support and stability, a corrosion-resistant aluminum boiler for long life, and all the accessories you could ever need for just about any task. Take a look at this Salav steamer’s main features.

Clothing Steamers: Features

  • Powerful 1500 watt steamer gives the Salav GS45-DJ a fast time to steam of only 45 seconds and a very powerful steam flow
  • Versatile steamer can handle heavier garments and drapes as well as more delicate curtains and upholstery effectively using its multiple steam settings
  • A large capacity, removable, 1.8L translucent reservoir tank gives this steamer a long 60 minutes of steam time
  • Dual telescopic bar provides added support and stability against tipping
  • Ergonomically placed, foot operated switches for power and dual-steam settings add to its hands-free convenience
  • The built-in multifunctional hanger has dual hanging levels for pants, a fold-down hanger bar for smaller garments, hanging clips and side hooks for additional temporary garment storage or to hold the steam head
  • A long 4.6 ft double-insulated hose maintains steam head temperature better than other steamers and reduces hose surface temperature
  • The combination of a long steam hose and 6.5 ft retractable power cord provides easy storage and more range to use convenient outlets
  • The corrosion-resistant, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly aluminum boiler heats faster, lasts longer without lime scale build-up, and has lateral outlet drains prevents excess water from shortening the life of the heating element
  • Oversized casters roll easily over a variety of surfaces






Included ToolsClothing Steamers Salav GS45-DJ Professional Series Full View

  • Two hanger clips
  • Pants press for sharper creases
  • Fabric brush
  • Mini ironing helper paddle produces better wrinkle-removal results for collars, wristbands, and other difficult steaming tasks
  • Convenient steam glove



  • Plenty of attachments
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and very powerful
  • Variable steam is very useful



  • Steam setting lights are confusing
  • Garment pole is a little short
  • Clothing clips don’t work very well
  •  Some concerns about durability of plastic housing compare to metal



Clothing Steamers



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