When you want to remove deep-down, ground-in dirt in a commercial setting, you need a carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner to do the job.  A carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner mixes water and cleaning solution, injects it deeply into the carpet fibers, and then extracts the dirty water using powerful suction action.  Key to their effectiveness is that the vacuum action happens immediately following the injection so that the carpets don’t get too wet and they dry faster.

The most common carpet extractors are portables, self-contained, and truck-mounted.

Portable Carpet Extractors

A portable carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner is the least expensive, the most maneuverable, and uses a wand to do the cleaning.  Portable units are best for smaller carpeted areas such as those around cubicles where maneuverability is important.  Portables have a want that is more efficient around desks, chairs, and other office obstacles.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Header ViewPortable models also can be purchased with built-in heating capability.  A model with heat can potentially clean better than one without, but heat adds another level of complexity and maintenance that has to be considered.

Self-Contained Carpet Extractors

Self-contained units have a wide injection and vacuum head mounted directly on the carpet extractor.  As you push or pull it over the carpet, it injects the solution, agitates the carpet for better cleaning action, and then vacuums the dirty water into its recovery tank using a squeegee for better efficiency.  Their wider head cleans a wider path making them a better fit for large commercial jobs such as banquet halls, hotels, conference centers, clinics, schools, large office complexes, lobbies, and long hallways.  Some models can be equipped with an optional wand so that they can also clean in tight spaces.


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Truck-Mounted Carpet Extractors

Truck-mounted models are larger, more powerful, have higher pump pressures and water flow rates, have larger water and solution capacities, and are more expensive.

This article is about a popular, highly-rated, and high-performance self-contained carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Operating ViewWhat to look for in a self-contained carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner:

Brush Agitation

If you’re goal is a powerful deep cleaning action on the carpets you clean, then there is no doubt that between water jets and a moving brush, the moving brush will do a better job.  If you clean the same carpets often, you may not need to do the deep cleaning every time and the brushing action may be more than you need.

Drying Time

Carpet extractors leave carpets wet.  How wet depends on the extractor.  If the carpets you clean won’t be used for several hours after the cleaning, it’s not as much of a concern.  If, on the other hand, the customer is expecting to use the space quickly, then you need to pay attention to the extractor’s technology.  Some models have quick-drying technology that can have operations resume in as little as 30 minutes.

Solution and Recovery Tanks

Separate solution and recovery tanks means you are always cleaning with a clean water solution and you probably have more capacity in the clean water tank.  Larger tanks promote more efficient cleaning by allowing you to clean longer between refills.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained CRI Seal ViewCarpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) is a carpet industry information source, a carpet industry advocate, and a carpet installation best practices standardization, carpet maintenance system testing and accrediting organization based in Dalton, Georgia.  Their commercial carpet extractor Seal of Approval program requires that carpet extractors must meet testing requirements for three important elements of performance.

1. Standard Test Practice to Evaluate Cleaning Effectiveness of Carpet Cleaning Equipment Using X-Ray Fluorescence

Soil Removal Standard – Percent of soil removed after water only cleaning operation.

  • 55 – 69% to obtain SOA Bronze Certification
  • 70 – 79% to obtain SOA Silver Certification
  • 80 – 89% to obtain SOA Gold Certification

2. Standard Test Practice for Determining Residual Moisture as a result of Water Extraction

This test practice is intended to determine the moisture left in a specific carpet as a result of simulated cleaning with a standard hot water extraction machine. The resultant difference in weight is measured and reported as ounces of residual moisture per square yard.

  • Residual Moisture in carpet immediately after cleaning operation.
    • ≤ 271 g/m2 (8 oz/yd2)




3.  Standard Test Practice for Determining Surface Appearance Change as a result of Wet Extraction

This test practice provides a laboratory test for the measurement of surface appearance change of textile floor covering as a direct result of multiple cleaning passes in a controlled environment.

Appearance Retention:

  • No more change in the deterioration of the carpet pile surface than Standard CRI Photographic Reference Scale.




This article focuses on a CRI-Certified self-contained carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaning machine, the Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Carpet Extractor, that has achieved CRI’s Bronze Level Certification.


Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler 9-Gallon Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Main ViewIf you’re looking for a deep-cleaning carpet extractor for cleaning the large carpeted areas of hotels, conference and convention centers, clinics, banquet halls, lobbies, or long hallways, the CRI Bronze Certified Powr-Flite PFX900 Prowler 9-Gallon Self-Contained Carpet Extractor will do the job.  It features superior cleaning power from its self-adjusting, chevron-style, 1,300 RPM floating brush head that enhances agitation leaving carpets cleaner.  It’s more maneuverable in tight spaces thanks to its slim profile and has the option of an upholstery tool that is available for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.  Here’s what you need to know.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner: Features

  • Powerful, 3-stage, 1300W, CRI-Certified, slim-profile, deep-cleaning, self-contained carpet extractor commercial carpet cleaner
  • A powerful 1300W, 3-stage vacuum motor has a 120-inch water lift, a CFM of 90maximizes solution recovery for faster drying times
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaner Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Featured ViewIts self-adjusting, chevron-style, 1/3HP, 1,300 RPM floating brush head enhances agitation for a better deep clean
  • Its slim, compact profile with large, 12-inch stair-climbing wheels allows operators to maneuver in tight spaces and transport and store the unit easily
  • An optional upholstery tool is available for cleaning upholstery and hard to reach areas
  • 100 PSI twin spray jets insure powerful, even, deep-cleaning, solution application
  • 9-gallon capacity solution tank
  • Separate vacuum, brush and pump easy-access, fingertip control switches make operator training a breeze
  • Fixed vacuum shoe with floating brush head for maximum cleaning performance
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene body provides long lasting durability
    Wide 18-inch cleaning path makes quick work of large carpeted areas
  • See-through recovery tank lid keeps you informed on the remaining capacity
  • Power Cord Pigtail and 50-foot extension
  • Dimensions are 36H x 19W inches and it weighs in at 100 lbs.
  • 5-Year limited one-piece housing warranty, 2-Year limited brush motor warranty, and 1-Year limited parts and workmanship warranty


Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Carpet Extractor Complete Spec Sheet >>>

Powr-Flite PFX900S Prowler Self-Contained Carpet Extractor Complete Manual >>>








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