You may not be aware that steam mops aren’t just for your interior floors.  You can buy a floor steam cleaner that will do both interior and some exterior surfaces as well.  A floor steam cleaner can actually steam your deck or other surfaces on the outside of your home using special attachments designed for the purpose.

This post is about one floor steam cleaner that stands above the rest in its flexibility to handle multiple surfaces both inside and outside your home and its features that give it the performance you demand in a variety of cleaning situations.

It’s only more recently that manufacturers have been adding the necessary components to steam mops to take multi-surface cleaning to the next level.  Steam mops have always been good at disinfecting and cleaning indoor floors, but they never had a moving component that could scrub tough dirt and grime.Floor Steam Cleaner HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus Deck View

Enter HAAN’s new take on a multi-surface steam mop with counter-reciprocating steam plates that can attack tough cleaning tasks never before possible with a steam mop.

That’s really all that was needed.  A way to scrub while steaming to allow you to clean dirt that was previously not cleanable with a standard steam mop and to add the ability to do outdoor cleaning around your home in addition to indoor cleaning.  The HAAN steam cleaner does exactly that.

Floor Steam Cleaner HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus Full ViewWith all that power, you don’t want to have to manually pump a handle to get the steam power you need.  It couldn’t keep up with the demands of a scrubbing steam mop.  Instead, HAAN has included a built-in pump that provides continuous steam power directly to the steam head’s 20 jets for a more consistent, more convenient clean.

A multi-surface steam mop needs more than one tool in its arsenal to tackle a variety of floor surfaces, so HAAN has included everything you need to clean, buff, refresh carpets, and clean your toughest outdoor surfaces.


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Why steam?  You probably already know that water heated to steam kills germs.  It kills a lot of them.  Under the right conditions it can even clean up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria that may be lurking on home surfaces.




The amazing thing is that it does all this tough cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals.  It only uses water which means it’s safer around your home for your family and pets.  That’s a big deal these days as we try to get away from dangerous chemicals in favor of more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Is this the best multi-surface floor cleaner out there?  Time will tell, but one thing is certain, it has all the right features and the power to get the job done both inside and outside your home.

Don’t limit yourself to steam mops without some sort of scrubbing action because that’s what is necessary to clean tougher messes that we all have around the home.


Take a look at all of the great features of this indoor-outdoor, multi-surface steam mop floor cleaner and see if it has just what you need to clean your home.


HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus

Floor Steam Cleaner HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus Front ViewThe key to the new HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus cleaning ability is its amazing CR-motion technology which combines 20-jet steam cleaning with two counter-reciprocating steam plates moving at a rate of 850 cycles per minute.  The hot steam and back-and-forth movement delivers the power and scrubbing action you need to tackle tough cleaning jobs inside and outside of your home.  Here’s what you need to know.


  • HAAN’s CR-motion technology which combines 20-jet steam cleaning with two counter-reciprocating steam plates moving at a rate of 850 cycles per minute to power away tough dirt and grime both inside and outside your home
  • Clean without harsh chemicals while powering away tough dirt and grime
  • Wide steam path with 20 jets allows you to mop, buff, or scrub indoors and out while cutting your cleaning time and effort
  • Swivel head give you the maneuverability to avoid home obstacles and balanced design enables this steam mop to stand upright
  • Moving scrub brush attachments allow you to tackle messes on tile, deck boards, and cement patios andFloor Steam Cleaner HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus Front and Side View easily as the floors in your home
  • Variable steam control allows you to match the perfect steam setting to your cleaning task
  • Removable water tank makes refilling easy
  • Electronic pump keeps the steam coming so that no manual pump is required


  • 4 – Reusable ultra-microfiber cleaning pads
  • 2 – Buffing pads
  • 2 – Steam scrub brushes
  • 1 – Carpet glide for sanitizing, refreshing, and deodorizing carpets


  • Good value for the price
  • Works great on all hard floor surfaces
  • Scrubbing makes all the difference
  • Very easy to use






  • Must use rinse solution to keep jets from plugging
  • Brushes can be cumbersome for routine cleaning
  • Pricey
  • May not clean grout as well as billed



Floor Steam Cleaner



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