Floor Steamers: Best New Combo Vacuum and Steam Mop

You’re checking out new floor steamers and there are a lot to choose from.  What you may not know is that youFloor Steamers BISSELL 1132A Symphony All-in-One Front Stairs View don’t have to settle for a steam mop with only one function.  There are multi-function floor steamers available that do a great job of vacuuming as well.

That’s important because in almost every situation where you want to clean a hard floor surface with a steam mop, you need to remove loose dirt and dust first.  You could get the broom and dustpan or dig out your vacuum cleaner, but wouldn’t it be easier just to use a steam vacuum to do both?

That’s where combo vacuum and steam mop floor steamers come in.  The provide both the functionality of a quality vacuum cleaner and a great hard surface steam mop in one hard floor cleaner.

The advantages of using steam to clean your hard floor surfaces with a floor steam cleaner are well known.  Eliminate harsh chemicals and use only water to clean, tackle tough sticky messes better than a mop, and sanitize while you clean with steam floor cleaners for a healthier home environment.

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Add a powerful cyclonic vacuum to a great steam mop and you have the perfect combination to get the best clean ever without the fuss of a mop and bucket or a broom and dustpan.

Some combo vacuums and steam mops even allow you to use both functions at the same time to reduce cleaning time even more.

Why wrestle with a dirty, unsanitary mop and bucket when you can clean with environmentally-friendly steam faster and better?

Mop, Bucket, Broom, and Dustpan v. Combo Vacuum/Steam Mop

Let’s compare using a mop, bucket, broom, and dustpan against a combo vacuum and steam mop.

Of course the first thing you need to do is sweep up dust, dirt, and debris into your dustpan.  That means getting the broom and dustpan and then going over the entire floor being careful to get in corners and watching out for sticky messes.  During this process you may have to empty your dustpan several times which can get messy around your garbage can.

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Next, you need to dig out the mop and bucket, fill the bucket with hot water, add harsh chemical cleaners to the water, and begin mopping the floor.  Mops put down a lot of water almost no matter what you do, so you will find yourself wringing the mop often putting all that dirt and filth into the bucket.  Even if you wring the mop into the sink, you will still have to do it several times to reduce the water on the floor and continue to mop with clean water.

Compare that to an all-in-one vacuum and steam mop.  To clean, just pull your lightweight, compact all-in-one out of storage, fill the water reservoir, and start cleaning. You get the cleaning power of a cyclonic vacuum and a powerful steam mop without the fuss and mess.  It may be the perfect cleaning tool for hard surface floors.

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We searched retail sites, reviews, manufacturer sites, and forums for the buzz on all-in-one cleaners and we think we found one that is almost universally acclaimed.


Take a look at the one we found and see if it is the best floor steamer and best vacuum cleaner all in one machine!

Floor Steamers: Best New Combo Vacuum and Steam Mop

Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Floor Steamers BISSELL 1132A Symphony All-in-One Front ViewIf you’re looking for a new idea in hard floor cleaning and a revolutionary cleaning tool, then look no further than the BISSELL Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop.  It combines a powerful vacuum with a dirt-busting BISSELL steam mop to make your hard floor cleaning as easy and fast as possible.  It provides Easy-Touch digital controls that let you switch back and forth between vacuum and steam mop for the most cleaning flexibility.  Leave your mop, broom, and dustpan behind and slide into the 21st century with an all-in-one cleaning machine.  Here’s what you need to know about this combo vacuum and steam mop.


  • Powerful vacuum with cyclonic action and sanitizing, heated steam mop all in one cleaning machine eliminates the need for unsanitary mops, harsh chemicals, brooms, and dustpans
  • Easy Touch digital controls give you the flexibility to switch between vacuum and steam mop to tailor you cleaning to every situation
  • You get 3 ways to clean; vacuum, steam mop or use both at the same time for the ultimate in cleaning power
  • Remove dust, dirt, and debris while handling tough sticky messes
  • Easy to store thanks to its Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray and 5-way adjustable handle
  • Dry Tank Technology keeps the tank dry while you steam
  • Wide 11-inch cleaning path
  • Long 25 foot power cord reduces outlet-switching and saves time
  • 2-Year limited warranty
  • Dimensions are 46.5 inches top to bottom and 11 inches side to side and the unit weighs a lightweight 9.7 lbs making it one of the lightest combo floor steam cleaners.


  • 1 – White pad
  • 1 – Scrubby pad
  • 1 – Set vacuum filters


  • Does a great job on tile
  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Saves a lot of time over separate machine
  • Pads are easy to change


  • Vacuum is very loud
  • Some complained of poor vacuum suction
  • Can be difficult to push because it has no wheels
  • Reservoir opening difficult to open for many

Floor Steamers BISSELL 1132A Symphony All-in-One Review

BISSELL Symphony All-in-One vs Dyson Hard

BISSELL Symphony All-in-One Lab Demo


Floor Steamers Comparison Chart

TitleRowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer with Foot Operated On-Off Switch 1500 Watt, BlueRowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial Garment Steamer 1550W Telescopic Full Size Automatic Cord Rewinder Accessories, SilverJiffy Steamer J-4000I-1330 Pro-Line Multi-Purpose Steamer with 7.5 ft HoseSINGER SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watt Garment & Fabric Steamer with 90 Minutes of Continuous SteamJiffy Steamer J-2000I Multi-Purpose Steamer
FeatureShips in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
Build-in hanger with garment clips and hanger hook to hold garment in place for more convenient steaming
Extra-large removable transparent water tank holds 81-ounce of regular tap water for 1 hour of continuous steam
Foot operated on/off switch with indicator light is designed for comfort and ease of use; large back wheels for convenient movability
Soft touch, stay cool handle and fabric hose for added comfort when steaming; telescopic pole to adjust height, push down for compact storage
Large set of accessories: crease attachment, fabric brush and lint pad
Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
High steam output and wide diffusion from large steam head for quick and efficient wrinkle removal. Unit heats up in just 60 seconds
Height is adjustable for comfort and the built-in hanger makes steaming garments easy; Adjust level of steam to garment being steamed
Steamer base can be tilted onto its back wheels and rolled using the handle; Foot pedal operated cord retraction for compact storage
Foot pedal with indicator light is designed for comfort;Soft-touch handle stays cool while in use;Switches off automatically if tank runs dry
Provides clear view of water level and is removable for filling;Holds 1 gallon of water for up to 2.5 hours of prolonged, continuous steam
Model: J-4000"I" with 4 Interchangeable Steam Heads and 7.5 Foot Hose Attachment
Assembled Dimensions: 20 in x 11 in x 75 in
Steam iron with 1500 Watts for hot and long-lasting steam
Telescoping pole
Exclusive hanger with 360° swivel, built-in clips & collapses for storage
Crease, brush, and pocket tools
Measures 14.5 by 11.5 by 55 inches
The J-2000"I" garment steamer is equipped with an on/off switch which heats up in 1 minute.
J-2000"I" with 4 Interchangeable Steam Heads and 5.5 Foot Hose Attachment
Steam Time per Filling: 1 hour 30 minutes
Warranty2 Year limited
Height16.77 inch11.41 inch3 inch55 inch
Weight15 pound1 pound1 pound19 pound
Width12.76 inch13.78 inch3 inch11.5 inch
Length15.75 inch16.08 inch5.3 inch14.5 inch
Rating0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

Product prices and availability are accurate as of Dec 18 1:18:20 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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