Home garment steamers differ from the more portable travel steamers in their steam power and performance.  They have much larger water reservoirs and can sustain steam for much longer.  So they are much more suited to the wide range of steaming tasks you might have in your home such as fabrics, curtains, beds and bedspreads, and of course garments of all kinds.

You need a home garment steamer, but you’re not sure how to choose one from all the garment steamers available.  Price is obviously one criteria, but it’s much better to take a look at price in relation to the performance and features of garment steamers to make an informed decision about their value.

That’s what this article is about.  Introducing you to a brand new full-size fabric and clothing steamer that is both popular and capable.

What should you look for in a steamer for clothes?Garment Steamers Ivation IVACS150 Valet Fabric Steamer Body View


Power in this case refers to watts and you should expect a quality home fabric steamer to have 1500 watts of power.  Power is what generates steam fast and what produces steam flow.  The more power, the better the steam flow.  A more powerful steam flow gets out wrinkles better and faster.

The only problem with 1500 watts of power and the heat it generates is that the steam may be too hot for some fabrics and clothing.  To solve that problem, many newer clothing steamers have selectable steam levels which gives you the flexibility to steam and fabric or garment at the perfect setting.


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Steam Duration

Steam duration is related to power and reservoir size in that more wattage equals a faster steam flow which uses the water faster and a larger reservoir keeps steam flowing longer.  Look at the specifications for the clothes steamers you’re considering to make sure the steam duration specified is acceptable for your needs.  A steam duration of 45 minutes or more is common among home steamers for clothes.


Garment Steamers Ivation IVACS150 Valet Fabric Steamer Steaming ViewTime to Steam

How fast steamers for clothes heat the water to produce steam may be a factor if you need to be up and steaming fast.  Again, more power usually equates to faster time to steam.  You should expect the time to steam for a home fabric steamer to be around one minute.


Reservoirs can be fixed or removable and either you need to power down to refill or it can be continuous fill.  The best situation is a removable water tank that is continuous fill and can be refilled without having to start over again reheating to generate steam.

Some other features that are very desirable include an extendable rod to hang your garments while steaming and to make the steamer easier to store when you are done, large casters that roll easily over a variety of surfaces so you can move the steamer where you need it, a long power cord for location flexibility, and a foot-operated on/off switch so you don’t have to bend down.




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We found a new garment steamer that should meet most of your wants and needs and researched it on forums, customer review sites, retail sites, and the manufacturer’s site to determine its quality and performance capability.

We believe that this new home garment steamer from Ivation is a keeper and you should definitely place it on your short list to consider.


Take a look at its features and capability and see if this home clothing steamer is the best clothes steamer for your needs!


Ivation IVACS150 1500-Watt Garment Steamer

Garment Steamers Ivation IVACS150 Valet Fabric Steamer Full ViewThe Ivation IVAC150 1500-Watt Garment Steamer is a freestanding vertical garment steamer designed to make steaming your fabrics and clothing as easy as possible.  It features a fast time to steam, long steam duration, removable water tank and continuous steam capability, selectable steam levels, and large, smooth rolling casters.  This is already a very popular steamer that users are raving about and is definitely worth a look.  Here’s what you need to know.


  • Freestanding, hands-free, vertical garment steamer
  • 1500 watts of steam power for faster time to steam and stronger steam flow
  • Four selectable steam levels including 300W, 600W, 900W, and 1500W, gives you the flexibility to select the perfect level for any home steaming task
  • Continuous steam capability for up to 70 minutes on the highest setting and up to 7 hours on the lowest setting
  • Large removable water reservoir is easy to fill and holds 74 ounces of water
  • Detachable 65-inch telescoping rod allows you to position the steamer head exactly where you want it for automatic steaming or can also be used in a manual fashion and then collapses for easy storage
  • Hanger hook secures your garment hanger in place for the most convenient steaming
  • Foot-operated on/off switch means no bending over to turn the unit on and off
  • Large, smooth-rolling casters allows you to easily move the steamer anywhere in your home that you need it
  • Dimensions of the steamer body are 9.8W x 16.9D x 11H inches
  • The unit has a 1.5 meter power cord


  • Quality construction and materials
  • Good value
  • Continuous steam is a great feature
  • Selectable steam levels gives great flexibility





  • Large size makes it harder to move around
  • Directions are poor for assembly and setup
  • Must purchase most tools separately
  • Support and warranty are suspect



Garment Steamers 



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