HAAN was started by Romi Haan, a young Korean housewife and mother who had an idea to free homemakers from laborious chores.  She wanted to do allow homemakers to get their floor clean without a lot of work and without using harsh chemicals.

Steam Mop HAAN SI-70 Multi Full Length

The answer to her problem was steam.  When used properly, steam kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria, and viruses and easily powers away dirt and grime without harsh chemicals.  The answer was a HAAN steam mop that used steam.


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From that simple idea, a world-wide company, HAAN Corporation, was born. In Korea, 3 out of 4 homes that use steam choose HAAN.  Today, HAAN Corporation is the industry leader in steam-cleaning technology and continues to develop and innovate in its field.




We wanted to find the best HAAN steam mop from their lineup and we believe we found it.  So this article describes what we consider to be the best HAAN steam mop; the HAAN SI-70 Multi Purpoase Floor Steamer.  You need to decide if its the best steam mop for you.


HAAN Steam Mop SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

Haan Steam Mop HAAN SI-70 Full ViewThe HAAN SI-70 is a great multi-purpose steam mop and portable steam cleaner that you will use to tackle all the steaming tasks around your home.

Our first take is that it is pricer than some steam mops, but with HAAN quality and the flexibility of the handheld steamer, we think you will find that it is worth the price.

The combination of steam mop and handheld steamer, with its handy cleaning attachments all in one, allows you to steam much more than floors.

Take a look at all of its features:


  • Machine-powered steam pumps give the SI-70 a powerful steam flow to power through tough dirt and sanitize floors.
  • The SI-70 nows comes with integrated Micom circuit heaters capable of producing steam in only 20 seconds.  You will be off and running only seconds after filling and plugging in.







  • There is no doubt that the clean lines and classic red and grey exterior makes the HAAN SI-70 is one of the best looking steam mops on the market.  It will complement any home.


  • The SI-70 has a wide steaming path and provides even steaming across its head withSteam Mop HAAN SI-70 Multi Full Length
  •  15 separate steam jets.
  • Use the SI-70 to clean and sanitize sealed hard flooring surfaces like tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, stone, marble. You can use it for everyday mopping and dusting or to break down the toughest stuck-on messes.
  • SI-70’s built-in handheld steamer makes it easy to sanitize and refresh soft surfaces like furniture, pillows, pet beds, drapes, and stuffed animals.
  • By using 4-layer ultra-microfiber cleaning pads, the SI-70 produces streak-free performance, quick drying, and smooth easy cleaning.
  • Like many steam mops, the SI-70 will kill 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria and dust mites in a natural, safe, and environmentally friendly way without chemicals.


  • The SI-70 with its compact size and light weight is easy to move to any room in your house upstairs or down.Steam Mop HAAN SI-70 Multi Removable Steaming Unit
  • You will be able to maneuver easily around furniture and other obstacles in your home.
  • With its specialized handheld attachments, the SI-70’s removable handheld steamer makes detailed work around faucets, the toilet, stove top, and other tough to clean surfaces easier and faster.
  • An extra-long 25 foot cord makes it easier to find a convenient outlet and then cover more area without having to replug as often.
  • An easy-fill, removable water tank allows you to quickly fill or refill with tap water and continue steaming.


  • Get the steam cleaning power of a steam mop with the flexibility of a handheld steamer in the SI-70’s onboard removable handheld steamer and attachments.
  • The Carpet Glide attachments even makes it possible for you to use the SI-70 to clean, sanitize, and refresh your carpets.


  • HAAN is known for building quality household cleaning tools like the SI-70 and provides it with a 1-Year limited warranty.

Steam Mop HAAN SI-70 Multi Removable

Included Accessories

  • 1 –  Mini steam head
  • 1 – Steam cleaning bonnet
  • 1 – Angled nozzle
  • 1 – Round nylon scrub brush
  • 2 – Reusable Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads
  • 1 – Carpet Glide attachment
  • 1 – Floor protector resting mat
  • 1 – Lime and scale remover.


  • Versatility of removable steamer
  • Leaves floor dry in seconds
  • No floor streaks
  • Easy to fill


  • Cord is too short
  • Mostly sanitizes
  • May not get hot enough
  • Some complaints of poor cleaning



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HAAN Steam Mop


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