If you travel a lot you need a handheld fabric steamer.  Business travelers no that the irons and ironing boards at hotels are suspect if they exist at all, which is why they carry a handheld fabric steamer in their bags.

Handheld Fabric Steamer: iSteam 7-in-1 Portable Travel Steamer Intro ViewI was 100% travel for many years and I can’t begin to tell you the horrors I’ve seen when I wasn’t carrying a handheld fabric steamer.  Irons with black gunk on them, steam holes so plugged with minerals that at best they just get some white stuff on your clothes and it worst, no steam would come at all, hotels with a few irons they share among rooms, irons with poor temperature control that would scorch your clothing as soon as you touched them, no working irons in the entire hotel, frayed iron cords, cut iron cords, broken irons, and more.


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Ironing boards with holes in the cover, ironing boards with scorch marks everywhere, ironing boards with no cover, non-existent ironing boards, ironing boards that wouldn’t stay upright, ironing boards that wouldn’t open, ironing boards that wouldn’t stand upright, and the list goes on.

Handheld Fabric Steamer: iSteam 7-in-1 Portable Travel Steamer Packed ViewI think you get the idea.  Counting on an ironing board and iron to remove wrinkles in your hotel room is a risky gamble.

Irons are risky anyway because they can scorch and shine your delicate fabrics if you aren’t very careful.  A handheld fabric steamer, on the other hand, won’t shine or scorch your fabrics and doesn’t have a scorching hot face that can burn you or hurt you when it falls off the ironing board.

Of course, travel fabric steamers have been around for a long time.  The problem is, they aren’t perfect and don’t quite measure up to regular home fabric steamers in their ability to remove wrinkles.  What we need is something new that eliminates some of the problems travel steamers have.


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We searched travel forums, retail sites, customer review sites, social media, manufacturer sites, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated new hand held steamer.


Take a look at our choice and see if this portable clothes steamer is the best clothes steamer for your needs!


iSteam 7-in-1 Portable Travel Garment Steamer in Red

Handheld Fabric Steamer: iSteam 7-in-1 Portable Travel Steamer Main ViewiSteam has come out with a new handheld fabric steamer design that solves some of the problems that have plagued portable clothing steamers for years.  Their iSteam 7-in-1 Portable Travel Garment Steamer in Red features a more powerful steam flow, a perfectly designed wide nozzle that distributes steam more consistently, a compact and portable design that still allows for a high-capacity 4 oz. water reservoir with 10 minutes of steam time, an outstanding electric pump system that prevents any water leaks or spurting from the nozzle, a fast time to steam of only 25 seconds,  an integrated safety automatic shut-off, and a long 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty.  Highly effective for a variety of garments, this travel steamer has the power to remove tough wrinkles while being gentle enough for all fabrics, even delicates and beddings.  Not just a fabric steamer, it’s a 7-in-1 steamer for use as a cleaning furniture, removing dirt from drapes, rugs, or carpets, sanitizing countertops and other hard surfaces, removing grease, defrost freezers, refresh fabrics, gently exfoliate faces, and more.



  1. Remove the reservoir by pulling release knob.
  2. Pull the silicone sealing cap out and fill with water.
  3. Replace the tank by fixing it back to the steamer.
  4. Switch on the unit and wait for 22-25 seconds until steam emits to begin steaming process.
  5. Remove wrinkles from your garments.
  6. When finishing the steaming process, you must switch off the unit.






Handheld Fabric Steamer: Features

  • Powerful handheld fabric steamer
  • Outstanding Electronic Pump System prevents water leaks or spurting from the nozzle giving you a 100% dry steaming experience and protecting skin and fabrics from puddles and spills.
  • High-capacity 4 oz. water reservoir delivers up to 10 minutes of steam flow
  • Fast time to steam of only 25 seconds
  • Wide nozzle evenly distributes steam over a wide area for consistent wrinkle removal
  • Compact and portable, it is easy to store and easy to pack
  • Integrated safety automatic shut-off turns off the clothing steamer when it gets too hot or the water reservoir level is low
  • Light weight and compact size make it the perfect travel companion
  • Included detachable brush accessory removes dust from suits, coats, and other garments
  • Handheld Fabric Steamer: iSteam 7-in-1 Portable Travel Steamer Features ViewUse distilled or purified water for longer life
  • 1-Year limited warranty and outstanding customer service


Customer Reviews

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  • Easy to use and fast time to steam
  • Striking design is refreshing
  • 7-in-1 design flexibility
  • No leaking or spitting water



Reservoir comes off too easily

Can be difficult to fill reservoir due to small filler port










Handheld Fabric Steamer



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A travel fabric steamer is the safe, easy, and effective way to remove wrinkles from your clothing while traveling.  Don’t risk getting a hotel without a decent iron and ironing board.  Take your wrinkle removal capability along with you in your bags.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best handheld fabric steamer for your needs!