A household steam cleaner should have the capability to clean more than just hard floor surfaces.  The right household steam cleaner can tackle windows, countertops, bathrooms, tile, kitchen fixtures, kids’ toys, BBQ grills, vehicles, and more.  A household steam cleaner should also be powerful to remove tough food and dirt stains without missing a beat.

Household Steam Cleaner: Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Intro ViewSometimes, you may wish your household steam cleaner could also agitate that sticky mess to loosen it faster because no matter how powerful the steam flow, some stuck-on food and dirt, needs a little more to loosen it.

Enter acoustic cleaning.  That’s right, sound can be used to clean your house.  Sound can really clean your house.


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You can’t clean with just any sound.  It’s the vibration that helps loosen dirt, but turning your stereo up to 10 isn’t going to get the job done.  Rather, you need focused pulses of sound at the right frequency to help vibrate dirt loose.  In combination with a powerful household steam cleaner, sonic micro pulse vibration technology loosens dirt and grime better than just steam alone.





This article is about a new steam cleaning system that incorporates both powerful steam and sonic micro pulse vibration action to add a scrubbing effect reducing your floor cleaning time and effort.

As a bonus, the added vibration makes the steam mop glide more smoothly across the floor while it’s cleaning reducing the amount of work you must do.

It sounds good in theory, but does it work?  The answer is yes.  We searched cleaning forums, the manufacturer’s site, retail sites, customer review sites, consumer sites, and social media to find out more about the effectiveness of this new household steam cleaner.


Take a look at this new whole-house steam cleaner and see if it’s the best steam cleaner for your needs!


Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System

Sienna Household Steam Cleaner: Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Main Viewhas created the new Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System which is the first household steam cleaner that combines the cleaning power of steam and three levels of control with sonic micro pulse vibration technology.  The result is a 1500-watt steam mop that glides easily across the floor while vibrating loose dirt and grime at 90 vibrations per second.  That’s not all.  It Luna Plus comes with a should strap that makes the unit portable like a handheld steam cleaner allowing you to clean a variety of above-floor surfaces like windows and countertops.  In addition, the steam mop has a powerful integrated LED light source, so you can see what your cleaning even in low light conditions.


Household Steam Cleaner: Features

  • Powerful 1500-watt steam cleaning system with sonic micro pulse vibration technology that both aids the steam mop in gliding across the floor and loosens dirt and grime at 90 vibrations per second
  • Fast time to 212 degrees F steam of only 30 seconds
  • An included shoulder strap makes the unit portable for cleaning above-floor surfaces
  • Three levels of adjustable steam control including Scrub, Dust, and Mop allow you to tailor steam power to your cleaning task
  • Powerful LED light source illuminates cleaning areas






  • An easily accessible soft touch lighted control panel initiates all the unit’s functions including power, vibration, LED lights, and steam levels
  • Large 6 x 13 inches cleaning surface makes quick work of floors and uses heavy-duty, Eco-friendly, washable, reusable, easily attached microfiber pads
  • Large 15.2-ounce water tank capacity minimizes the need for refills
  • A variety of cleaning accessories allow you to clean windows, countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, toys, and even BBQ grills
  • Unit stands upright on its own
  • Energy-saving power shut-off
  • Long 25-foot power cord reduces the need to switch outlets during cleaning saving you time
  • Household Steam Cleaner: Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Kit ViewDimensions are 46.5H x 6W x 13D inches and it weighs 12.4 lbs.


Included Accessories

  • 2 – Washable Eco Microfiber cleaning pads
  • 1 – Custom fill cup
  • 1 – Cleaning steaming head
  • 1 – Window squeegee
  • 4 – Nylon brushes
  • 2 – Brass brushes
  • 1 – Concentrator nozzle
  • 1 – Extension hose
  • 1 – Carpet glider
  • 1 – Shoulder strap
  • 1 – Storage bag


Customer Reviews

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  • Powerful, adjustable steam flow
  • Industry first Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Lightweight and easy to use



  • Portable cleaner head is small









Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System Manual >>>







Household Steam Cleaner



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A household steam cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner capable of handling the cleaning requirements of hard floor surfaces and above-floor surfaces alike.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best household steam cleaner for your needs!