We all need something to get the wrinkles out.  If you do too, you need My Little Steamer.  If you use an iron, you know how long it can take to dig out the iron, dig out the ironing board, fill the iron, and wait for the iron to get hot only to overheat or scorch your good clothes. 


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If you get as frustrated as I do, then you should check out the great features of My Little Steamer from Mom, inventor, and entrepreneur Joy Mangano and her company Ingenious Designs.


My Little Steamer

My Little Steamer Deluxe By Joy Mangano OrchidIt wasn’t that long ago those portable, hand-held steamers were mostly for travel and really couldn’t be counted on for home chores because they didn’t have the steaming power or the features you needed to make the grade.  Times have changed and so have steamers.  My Little Steamer is loaded with features designed to remove some of that morning stress. Just look at the great features My Little Steamer has to offer:


1. My Little Steamer: Performance

This is a little steamer with a big 900 watts of steaming power for fast steam build-up and a potent stream of steam for a long 14 minutes of steaming.  It powers through wrinkles faster and easier than an iron.  You may even think it’s fun, as the wrinkles seem to disappear like magic with no worries about scorching or burning your delicate fabrics.  It smoothes wrinkles and creases out of your suits, pants, shirts, dresses, curtains, tablecloths and more while giving them that “just back from the dry cleaner look.”

2. Convenience

The removable steamer head makes for easy filling through a wide opening.  My Little Steamer comes with a handy matching over the door hook and an illuminated on-off power switch alerts you to when the steamer is operating.  You will always be able to tell how much water you have left using the built-in monitoring window with clearly marked Min and Max lines.


The steamer is easy to hold with its comfort-grip handle and at only 11.5 x 4.5 inches and a little over 2 lbs this steamer is compact and lightweight for easy handling and storage.  My Little Steamer comes with a wide 8 inch steamer head for faster coverage, a 4 inch steamer head for tight spaces, and a long 8 foot cord for easy reach from sometimes poorly located outlets.  You will love the handy terry quilt, drawstring bag to store and carry your steamer whether at home or on a trip.

This steamer comes with a complete instruction pamphlet.  You may never read it but, it’s nice to know it’s there.


Yellow My Little Steamer By Joy Mangano

3. Flexibility

You’ll use it at home.  You’ll use it when traveling.  You’ll use it at the office for touch-ups.  My Little Steamer gives you ultimate flexibility and control.  My Little Steamer uses simple tap water meaning no inconvenience of using additives like salt or using only distilled water.

4. Quality

My Little Steamer comes with a generous 1-year limited warranty and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to provide you peace of mind.


5. Safety

Steam is hot!  This unit has a cool-touch housing to prevent burns.  A wide base and handy over-the-door hook make for stable, safe storage between garments.  UL listed.

6. Style

The design of My Little Steamer will fit-in with any décor and fit any styling taste.  It comes in a variety of great colors from which to choose including Purple Orchid/Lavender, Espresso/Sandalwood, Turquoise/Aqua, Orange Burst/Peach, Bright White/Wheat, Sapphire/Periwinkle, Graphite/Steel Gray or Lemon Yellow/Buttercup, Ruby Red/Rose or Olive/Moss.


My Little Steamer



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