You may not be familiar with SALAV or a SALAV garment steamer.  They are a French company who seeks to embody France’s passion for excellence and their zest for life.  They draw their inspiration from the Seine River and their name SALAV contains SA LA V or C’est la vie which means “That’s Life!”  They have dedicated their time and energy to creating the finest steam products that help you live a better life.  SALAV makes a variety of high-quality steam products and their newest SALAV garment steamer is the perfect example of their commitment to quality and innovation.

Every  home SALAV garment steamer shares some important innovations the set them apart from other garment steamers.

SALAV Garment Steamer SALAV Limited Edition Pro Series Main ViewBackflow Preventer

A backflow preventer keeps hot water from spitting out of the steam nozzle which is a common problem with clothes steamers of all types.  Spitting hot water is a hazard to the user and can put water spots onto your fabric slowing the wrinkle removing process.

Next Generation Steam Nozzle

A SALAV clothes steamer uses an engineered polymer surface in the design of their steam nozzles that is more durable and safer for your fabrics than the Teflon or metal found in many traditional irons and steamers for clothes.


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Side Drainage Plug

Each home SALAV garment steamer has a patented drainage safety feature that makes it easier, safer, faster, and more convenient to drain remaining water from the reservoir and maintain your SALAV garment steamer.

SALAV Garment Steamer SALAV Limited Edition Pro Series Multifunction Hanger ViewFolding Adjustable Hangers

You will steam and press more efficiently with SALAV garment steamer hangers that adjust, fold, and extend perfectly to fit any garment.  The hanger arms also fold down for quick, easy storage.

Double Insulated Hose

A SALAV garment steamer protects you from hot steam by providing two layers of insulation in their hoses.  The insulation also helps maintain steam temperature while regulating surface heat.  Double insulated hoses contribute to more efficient and safer steaming.

Paddle Ironing Board

SALAV’s exclusive paddle ironing board is specially designed to fit under shirt collars and into sleeves to help achieve a more professional, finished look.

Multifunctional Hangers

Each SALAV garment steamer uses multifunctional hangers that feature rounded edges ideal for steaming shirts and jackets, dual hanger levels for steaming pants, a fold down hanger bar for smaller garments, and side hooks for additional hanging space.





Aluminum Water Boiler

All-aluminum construction boilers leave no copper residue and provide a quicker time to steam up as little as 45 seconds.

SALAV has introduced a new SALAV garment steamer that brings together pure power, beautiful style, and numerous convenience features to create one of the most promising fabric steamers released in recent years.


Take a look at this professional home garment steamer and see if it’s the best garment steamer for your needs!


SALAV GS49-DJ Gold Limited Edition Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer with Foot Pedals

SALAV Garment Steamer SALAV Limited Edition Pro Series Full ViewWith 1500 watts of power and a unique dual telescopic bar support, the SALAV GS49-DJ Gold Limited Edition Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer with Foot Pedals features amazing wrinkle-removing capability in a beautiful design with metallic and chrome finishes.  Who says a steamer for clothes has to be utilitarian and ugly?  You will appreciate the modern, flowing styling that may jut inspire you to do more wrinkle removal than you anticipated.  This SALAV garment steamer heats up in just 45 seconds and deliver continuous steam flow for up to 60 minutes.  Its convenience features include power and steam pedals ergonomically located for easy access, a large, easy-to-fill removable translucent water tank, a multifunctional hanger, and a double-insulated steam hose for safety and temperature regulation.  Here’s what you need to know about this new fabric steamer.

SALAV Garment Steamer Features

  • Powerful 1500-watt professional garment steamer with beautiful metallic gold and chrome body and dual 65-inch telescopic, easy-to-operate aluminum bar supports for added stability against tilting
  • Convenient power and steam setting pedals that are ergonomically located for easy access
  • Dual steam power level allows you to tailor steam to each wrinkle removal task
  • State-of-the-art, patented stainless steel-plated nozzle technology is specially molded to prevent nozzle buildup, provides a flat, hot pressing surface, and keeps steam heated at maximum temperature for delivery





  • Large, easy-to-fill, removable 1.8L capacity translucent reservoir delivers a full 60 minutes of continuous steam
  • Patented drain plug for safe and convenient care and maintenance
  • SALAV Garment Steamer SALAV Limited Edition Pro Series Dual Hanger ViewRolling casters and chrome wheels for easy mobility and storage
  • Durable aluminum boiler
  • Fast time to steam of as little as 45 seconds
  • Patented features including a specially curved, multifunctional hanger with several support bars and hooks and a double insulated hose to maintain steam temperature and regulate hose surface heat
  • Safety automatic shut-off
  • Long 4.6-foot double-insulated steam hose plus 6.5-foot retractable power cord give you the flexibility to remove wrinkles where it’s most convenient
  • Dimensions are 15.6L x 11.5W x 61.4H inches and it weighs 11.2 lbs.


  • 1 – Pants press
  • 1 – Fabric brush
  • 2 – Hanger clips
  • 1 – Mini ironing paddle


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