There are many portable garment steamers or steamers for clothes to choose from, but Shark garment steamersShark Garment Steamers Press and Refresh GS500 Bedroom View have the Shark brand and their portable model has features that are not available on any other steamers.  You probably have heard of Shark and may have even purchased a Shark vacuum cleaner or Shark steam mop.  What you probably didn’t know was that they also make clothes steamers or fabrics steamers.


Here are a few tips recommended by Shark on how to get the best results using their portable Shark garment steamers:

  1. Always check the manufacturer’s fabric care labels for recommended care and always check fabrics for colorfastness in a location that can’t be seen
  2. Their portable Shark garment steamers feature a Wrinkle Eraser pad and they recommend that your tilt their steamer slightly forward and press the Winkle Eraser directly on the garment or fabric for best results



  1. Move their garment steamer in up and down motion for best and fastest wrinkle removal
  2. Turn garments with a lot of embellishments or with shape inside out before you remove wrinkles for better results
  3. When using a vertical pressing pad, gently pull down at the bottom seam of the garment to keep the fabric tight to eliminate unwanted wrinkles and give better results


Take a look at their portable model and see if it is the perfect handheld steamer for your needs!


Shark Garment Steamers: Shark Press and Refresh (GS500)

Shark Garment Steamers Press and Refresh GS500 Full ViewYou probably know the Shark name best for Shark vacuum cleaners and the Shark steam mops, but you may not know that they also make a portable garment steamer or clothes steamer.  Their Shark GS500 Press and Refresh Care System is unique among portable garment steamers in that it has a built-in heated Wrinkle Eraser pad that allows you to apply pressure to the garment for better results on creases and more difficult wrinkles.  It’s really the best of both worlds in one appliance because it handles creases like an iron, but provides the convenience and performance of a powerful steamer for clothes.  Here are some of its main features.



  • The Shark GS500 with 1580W of power provides a fast time to steam of only 60 seconds and the 200ml reservoir capacity gives a long continuous steam time of about 8 minutes
  • Freshen and press garments right on the hanger without having to dig out the ironing board and ironShark Garment Steamers Press and Refresh GS500 Pressing View
  • An exclusive heated Wrinkle Eraser acts like an iron to dry fibers to prevent re-wrinkling while also providing vertical pressing for better results on creases and tough wrinkles than a garment steamer alone
  • The included vertical press pad provides the perfect vertical ironing board for any door where you can press and refresh without the hassle of setting up a traditional ironing board and is virtually invisible when the door is closed
  • Long 15-foot power cord gives you the flexibility to choose where you press and refresh without as much for concern for outlet locations
  • Very portable thanks to a weight of only 3.3 lbs. full of water
  • 1-Year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship






Shark Garment Steamers Press and Refresh GS500 Drapes ViewAccessories

  • 1 – Vertical over-the-door press pad
  • 4 – Detachable Velcro clips
  • 1 – Fill cup
  • 2 – Small steam bonnet frames for even steam distribution, filtering, and water spot protection
  • 1 – Bristle brush frame improves steam penetration for heavy fabrics
  • 1 – Lint brush frame removes lint and pet hair at the same time that you remove wrinkles and freshen garments and fabrics
  • 1 – Upholstery/delicate fabric frame gives extra protection to upholstery and delicate fabrics
  • 1 – Delicate steam bonnet protects delicate fabrics when the heated Wrinkle Eraser is not required and is very useful for silk, sequins, and embellishments
  • 1 – Upholstery steam bonnet has a shaggy material that acts like multiple fingers to pick up dust and debris while killing germs and bacteria.  It is very useful for refreshing and sanitizing bedding, upholstery, car seats, and curtains
  • 1 – Accessory bag


Note: Shark does not recommend using the Press and Refresh on leather, suede or other leather-like fabrics



  • Quality construction
  • Very powerful steam
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Many useful attachments



  • Small water tank
  • A little heavy and cumbersome
  • Some reports of leaking problems


Shark Press and Refresh GS500 Users Guide >>>



Shark Garment Steamers


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