Shark Lift-Away S3901 Full ViewWith Intelligent Steam Control and a handy lift-away steamer built in, you will use the Shark Lift-Away S3901 Professional Steam Pocket Mop every day for floor and above floor surfaces.  You can even use it for refreshing carpets and garment steaming.  Details of many of its features are listed below.

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Shark Lift-Away S3901 Features

Shark Lift-Away S3901: Performance

  • The S3901’s Intelligent Steam Control gives you the flexibility of three steam settings so you can choose the ideal setting for your specific cleaning needs including Dust, Mop, and Scrub.
  • You have the choice of more steam for tougher cleaning jobs, medium for everyday cleaning, and light for dusting or on more delicate surfaces.
  • Steam cleaning leaves hard surfaces cleaner than a traditional mop which just moves dirty water around your floor.  This Shark Lift-Away S3901 leaves your floors clean and sanitized while your floor dries in seconds.




Ease-of Use

  • You only need to push a button to remove the portable Handheld Steamer and take advantage of its specialized attachments for cleaning and sanitizing above floor surfaces.
  • The unique two-sided Steam Pocket gives you twice as much cleaning area with the simple flip of the steam head.
  • You get a Quick-Release cleaning head for general cleaning and even a carpet glider as well to freshen and groom your carpet and rugs.
  • The Shark Lift-Away S3901 can also be used as a garment steamer saving you the cost of buying an additional clothes steamer.






AccessoriesShark Lift-Away S3901 Upright View

  • 1 – Rectangle steam pocket
  • 1 – Flat scrubber mini-shag bonnet
  • 1 – Accessory hose
  • 1 – Direct Steam Nozzle
  • 1 – Carpet Glider


  • Heats up quickly
  • Handheld steamer works well
  • Lightweight


  • Leaves film on the floor
  • Not hot enough to clean well
  • Not very durable


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Shark Lift-Away S3901



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