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The original steam mop, the Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop is still going strong showing what a powerful design it is.  With the power you need in a lightweight package that is easy to use, the S3101 makes the most of its triple-action washable microfiber pads to tackle tough cleaning tasks around your home.  Take a look at some of the details of its features.

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Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop: Features

Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop: Performance

  • The Shark  S3101 Electric Steam Mop has plenty of power to create steam in less than 30 seconds and create a powerful steam flow.
  • The Model S3101 uses triple-action washable microfiber pads to loosen, lift, lock, and carry away dirt and spills





  • When you see a manufacturer say that their steam mop is lightweight, most don’t know what lightweight is.  You will hardly notice you’re using the Shark S3101 because of its amazing light weight of only 3 lbs.
  • The S3101 is also very compact and easy to store at only 7 x 12 x 40 inches.
  • Floors are left clean and virtually dry after cleaning with the Shark and with no chemical residue.  Activate the powerful steam action by simply pushing forward on the mop.
  • A comfortable, soft-grip, ergonomic handle will reduce tiredness in your hands while cleaning.
  • You will have more options for a power plug to use and you will be able to clean longer without replugging due to the long 20-Foot power cord that comes with the Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop.  The power cord also has a quick release which gives you easy access to the power cord and then allows you to easily rewind it for storage.
  • With the Shark S3101, your days of rinsing, wringing, carrying heavy buckets, and ineffectively pushing dirt around the floor are over.  Free yourself from the back-breaking work of regular mopping.
  • When you need to take a break from steaming, the Shark S3101 will stand upright by itself.


  • The Shark S3101 pioneered using the power of steam to kill harmful germs and E. coli. Bacteria.  The Shark will sanitize your sealed floors and give you the health benefits associated with not using harsh chemicals near your family and pets.  Instead of chemicals, all you need is tap water to clean and sanitize your floors.







WarrantyShark S3101 Electric Steam Mop Weight

  •  Euro-Pro provides a 1-Year limited warranty on the Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop.


  • 2 – Triple-action, micro-fiber pads
  • 1- Filling flask and funnel



  • Very durable
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Lightweight



  • Handle a bit flimsy
  • Reservoir too small
  • Hard to push



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Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop



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