Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop Full View

The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop comes with Intelligent Steam Control, quick-release cleaning heads, and swivel steering to make quick work of tough cleaning tasks.  See the details of its great features.


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Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop Features

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop: Performance

  • The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop’s Intelligent Steam Control gives you the flexibility of three steam settings so you can choose the ideal setting for your specific cleaning needs including Dust, Mop, and Scrub.
  • You have the choice of more steam for tougher cleaning jobs, medium for everyday cleaning, and light for dusting or on more delicate surfaces.
  • Steam cleaning leaves hard surfaces cleaner than a traditional mop which just moves dirty water around your floor.  This Shark leaves your floors clean and sanitized while your floor dries in seconds.
  • You get two Quick-Release cleaning heads including a rectangle head for general cleaning and a triangle head for hard to reach places like corners.  A carpet glider is also included for freshening and grooming your carpet and rugs.





Ease-of Use

  • The S3601’s swivel steering makes it highly maneuverable around furniture and other parts of your home obstacle course.
  • The unique two-sided Steam Pocket gives you twice as much cleaning area with the simple flip of the steam head.
  • The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop is flexible enough to be used on laminate, bamboo, hardwood, marble, tile, and stone floors in addition to carpet and rugs (with included Carpet Glider).
  • An extra-long 30-Foot power cord frees you to clean a much wider area of your house without replugging.


  • The S3601 uses the power of super-heated steam to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria including e-coli, staph, salmonella, and 99.9% of the virus that causes H1N1.






AccessoriesShark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop Hardwood

  • 3 – Quick release mop heads
  • 1 – Rectangle steam pocket plus triangle steam pocket for corners and hard to reach places
  • 4 – Premium microfiber pads
  • 1 – Carpet glider


  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly
  • Floors left clean and not sticky


  • Heads too delicate
  • No steam trigger
  • Water tank window too small



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Shark 3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop



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