Shark continues to win kudos in Shark steam mop reviews for its innovative line of steam mops.  Shark started it all with their original Shark Steam Mop and they have continued to innovate and deliver quality steam mops each year thereafter.


Shark Steam Mop Reviews Model MV2010 Vac-Then-Steam Full ViewInterested in learning about other popular steam mops?  Be sure to see our other articles about some of the best!


Shark by Euro-Pro strives to deliver easy-to-use, innovative solutions to help you make quick work of life’s daily messes.  Shark is recognized as the market leader and pioneer in steam-cleaning technology since its introduction of the very popular Shark Steam Mop.




This article takes a look at 4 Shark Steam Mops so that you can compare and make a better decision.


#4 – Shark Steam Mop Reviews: Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop, Electric, S3101

Steam Mop Reviews Euro Pro Shark S3101 Full ViewWhen Shark talks about originating the steam mop phenomenon, this is the steam mop that they are talking about; the original Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop.   Although this steam mop has been very popular for a long time, it still delivers reliable performance at a great value.  Lightweight and maneuverable, you will find that the Model S3101 reduces your fatigue during steaming sessions.  Take a look at all of the great features of the steam mop that started it all.

Shark Steam Mop Reviews: Features

  • Powerful steam flow and fast steam build-up
  • Triple-action washable microfiber pads
  • Amazingly lightweight at only 3 lbs.
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Activate steam by pushing forward
  • Steam kills harmful bacteria

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#3 – Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop Model S3601

Shark Steam Mop Reviews Model S3601 Full View

Shark by Euro-Pro continues win over homemakers with innovative new steam mops like the Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop.  Since releasing the original Shark Steam Mop years ago, Shark has continued to update their line of steam mops.   Take a look at some of the features of the model S3601.


  • Exclusive Intelligent Steam Control
  • Two quick-release cleaning heads
  • Swivel steering
  • Two-sided, washable, and reusable steam pockets
  • Cleans multiple hard surfaces from stone to wood
  • Kills germs with super-heated steam

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#2 – Shark® Lift-Away™ Professional Steam Pocket® Mop – S3901

Shark Steam Mop Reviews Model S3901 Full ViewThe Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop has a handy removable Portable Steam Pocket for steaming above floor surfaces.  Now you can clean the whole house in addition to your hard floor surfaces and get all the benefits of steam cleaning.  If you believe in the benefits of steam, why not use steam cleaning for all the surfaces in your home, not just the floors?  Take a look at all the features available on this Shark Model S3901.


  • Intelligent Steam Control for dusting, mopping, and scrubbing
  • Removable lift-away handheld steamer
  • Specialized attachments designed for above-floor surfaces
  • Two-sided, washable, Steam Pockets gives you 2X the cleaning area
  • Quick-release cleaning head
  • Carpet glider
  • Use as a garment steamer

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#1 – Shark MV2010 Vac-Then-Steam

Shark Steam Mop Reviews Model MV2010 Vac-Then-Steam Full ViewThe Shark Vac-Then-Steam Model MV2010 is the top of the line for Euro-Pro and Shark.  It really is the complete floor cleaning system of superior vacuum and steamer in one. Just take a look at all of its features.


  • Powerful vacuum and steam mop in one
  • Powerful steam flow and fast steam build-up
  • Easy to switch from vacuuming to steaming
  • Pickup debris first with the vacuum and then use chemical-free steam to clean and sanitize

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Shark Steam Mop Reviews


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