It’s time to do a deep clean on your carpets again and you’re preparing to rent one from your local hardware store.  You’re dreadingSteam Cleaner Rental Rug Doctor Display the exercise because the steam rental cleaner is bulky, heavy, and difficult to bring home.  Plus, steam cleaner rental, with going to rent the cleaner and then return it, is nothing but a big pain.  Not to mention worrying about getting the cleaner back in time to avoid extra charges.


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Steam Cleaner Rental: Save Money and Time

With most carpet cleaners you should be able to save enough money in just a few uses to more than pay for the rental charges.  Plus, when you think about the time and inconvenience you will save, a home cleaner is well worth the price.

Steam Cleaner Rental: Forget Steam Cleaner Rental

It’s time to leave rental cleaners behind and step-up to your own carpet cleaner.  You can clean your carpets on your schedule without the hassle of steam cleaner rental and save a lot of money in the process.  With just a few uses a good carpet cleaner will pay for itself.




No More Stress

Don’t stress over renting a carpet cleaner.  Having your own cleaner allows you to clean one room, spot clean, or do the whole house; it’s your choice.  A home steam cleaner also lengthens the life of your carpet because you can spot clean when needed and get stains out before they set.  Plus, compared to a rental steamer, a new, lightweight, upright steam cleaner maneuvers easily around home obstacles and is easy to carry to another level of the home.  Having a party?  Go ahead and use your home cleaner a couple of hours prior to give your carpet that fresh new look, and it will be dry before the party.

Hoover Steam Cleaner SteamVac F5914-900 Front View

Home Carpet Cleaner Recommendation

We recommend the Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge.  It has the performance you need at a value price.  Be sure and see our comparison of home carpet cleaners below and a special video about the Hoover SteamVac.


It used to be that a rental steamer was considered to be more efficient and effective in cleaning carpets.  Those days are gone.  New home steam cleaners have great features like water heaters, counter-rotating brushes, and enhanced spot cleaning that deep cleans your carpet down to the fibers.  They also do a better job of vacuuming solution out of the carpet for quicker drying times.  If home cleaners do lack a little performance in comparison to rental cleaners, they easily make up for it in convenience and savings.




Apartment Living

What about home and apartments with only a small room or two of carpeting?  You can still benefit because they have smaller, moreSteam Cleaner Rental Pet Stains basic models that still do a great job for less money.  Especially important for apartment dwellers, you can save big money when you move because the complex won’t charge you that exorbitant fee because your carpet doesn’t pass inspection!  If you have pets, you already know that it’s more cost effective to own your own cleaner.

So forget steam cleaner rental and all their expense and time.  Buy an inexpensive home model and relax!







Steam Cleaner Rental



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