A steam mop allows you to clean and sanitize hard floor surfaces without using harsh chemicals.  A convertible Shark steam mop allows you to clean above-floor surfaces in addition to hard floor surfaces.

Steam Mop: Shark S4701 2-in-1 Blast and Scrub Steam Pocket Mop Intro ViewA Blast & Scrub steam mop allows you to tackle tough messes with high-pressure concentrated steam combined with an onboard scrubber for the most power you can bring to your cleaning tasks.


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Most steam mops do an adequate job of cleaning hard floor surfaces but fall short because they don’t have the ability to bring more steam to bear on tougher stains or tackle above-floor cleaning tasks.  The best steam mop has 2-in-1 capability to clean your floors and above-floor surfaces alike while having the scrubbing power to clean tough, sticky messes.




We searched cleaning forums, manufacturer sites, retail sites, social media, customer review sites, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated 2-in-1 steam mop.


Take a look at our choice and see if this powerful steam mop is the best steam mop for your needs!


Shark S4701 2-in-1 Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop

Steam Mop: Shark S4701 2-in-1 Blast and Scrub Steam Pocket Mop Main ViewShark makes a variety of powerful and popular floor cleaning tools.  If you’re looking for a steam mop that can do more than just clean floors, the Shark S4701 2-in-1 Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop is the mop for you.  It features 2-in-1 capability to clean floors like a powerful steam floor cleaner and then converts to a handheld steamer to effectively tackle all you above-floor messes.  Convenient, fast, and powerful, its 3-setting Electronic Intelligent Steam control allows you to apply the perfect amount of steam for your cleaning situation.  Its unique patented cleaning pad features two distinct sides for twice the cleaning in one pad.  Push the head release button when you encounter a tough, stuck-on mess to release the mop head and feel the Blast & Scrub Technology deliver high-pressure concentrated steam combined with the onboard scrubber directly to the mess.  Use the Shark 2-in-1 Blast & Scrub steam pocket mop to deep clean and sanitize your wood and hard floors in less time with less effort.


Steam Mop: Features

  • 2-in-1 floor steam hard surface cleaner and above-floor steam cleaner easily converts from hard floor to above floor cleaning
  • Lightweight durable construction with swivel steering enhanced maneuverability
  • 3-Setting electronic steam control gives you easy control over the amount of steam you use for all your cleaning tasks
  • Steam mop cleans and sanitizes using only water with no chemical residue
  • Unique cleaning pads feature patented two distinct sides for double the cleaning



Included Accessories

  • 1 – Rectangle washable steam pocket pad
  • 2 – Washable Blast & Scrub pad
  • 1 – Above-floor hose/direct steam nozzle
  • 1 – Scrub Blast above-floor accessory
  • 1 – EZ Reach Above-floor accessory
  • Steam Mop: Shark S4701 2-in-1 Blast and Scrub Steam Pocket Mop Separate View1 – EZ Reach pocket pad


Customer Reviews

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  • Multi-use functionality
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of cleaning accessories



  • Could use a larger reservoir
  • Falls over too easily















Steam Mop



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