You’re looking for a steam press or a steam press iron because you want to iron faster and more safely than with your currentSteam Press Iron Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press steam iron. You’ve considered buying a clothes steamer because it is also faster and safer than a steam iron, but a fabric steamer or garment steamer won’t put creases in shirts and pants like a steam press iron will.  That’s because a steam press is like having a Rowenta iron and ironing board in one appliance.

If you’re just looking for trouser or pants touch up between more substantial ironing, a pants presser might do the job for you. If you want to be able to steam iron all your clothes with professional results, then a steam press iron is really the only way to go.

So what makes a good steam press and what should you be looking for when considering a new steam press?

Steam presses work like giant steam irons to press larger areas of clothing faster and safer with less chance of scorching or shining fabrics. It can also press nearly entire creases in shirts and pants with one press because of the additional pressure that a steam press brings to bear; as much as five times that of a standard iron. A steam press works in a similar fashion to its smaller cousin the iron in that it requires water to produce steam and it uses the pressing to remove wrinkles.

Steam Press Iron Steamfast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam PressThe size of a steam press affects how much area it can press at one time and so the amount of time it takes to iron clothing. If you plan to iron larger items like sheets or draperies regularly or you want to complete ironing in the shortest time possible, then you should find the largest steam press you can afford. Keep in mind that larger steam presses typically come with larger prices.

Where are you planning to use your new steam press? Size affects how convenient it is to use. If you get a smaller tabletop steam press, it will be more portable and you can use it anywhere you have a sturdy flat surface in your home. On the other hand a large steam press is probably going to require a dedicated stand designed to accommodate a large steam press.





It seems like our lives get busier every day and our time to do things like iron our clothes gets shorter. That’s why garment steamers and steam presses are becoming more and more popular in homes. Once the tool of professional dry cleaners and laundries, steam press prices have come down to the point that they are a viable alternative to fabric steamers and irons. It’s true that irons are much cheaper in most cases, but to save time and get professional results, you have to go with a steam press.


We’ve assembled five of the best steam press models of the year that all have the features, professional performance, and value you’re looking for. Take a look and see if one of these steam presses is the perfect model for you!


#5 – Janome Artistic Steam Press Iron Model EP100

Steam Press Iron Janome Artistic Heat Press Model EP100The allure of a steam press is the professional results you can obtain and the speed at which you can power through wrinkles-removal tasks. The Janome Artistic Steam Heat Press Model EP100 is the perfect example of a great home or small business press. While ironing with a standard steam iron requires multiple passes and has a relatively small steam plate, this steam press has a surface ten times larger and produces professional results with one press thanks to its 100 lbs. of wrinkle-removing pressure. Here are its primary features.


  • Get professional results with a large ironing surface ten times larger than a standard iron
  • Use less effort to press up to 8 layers at one with 100 lbs. of pressure
  • You will get less wear and tear on your fabrics without scorching or shining
  • Swiss-designed, high quality steam press with a board made of 11 layers of Baltic birch wood absorbs excess humidity
  • Safety system automatically shuts of the press after 10 seconds in the closed position virtually guaranteeing no scorching


  • Creates a lot of pressure for wrinkle removal
  • Very durable construction
  • Much faster than an iron


  • Doesn’t generate its own steam
  • Pricey





#4 – Pyle PSTMP95 Pure Clean Digital Control Table Top Steam Press

Steam Press Iron Pyle Pure Clean Table Top Steam PressPyle is known for its digital controls and the Pyle PSTMP95 Pure Clean Digital Control Table Top Steam Press is a great example of their systems. It allows you to adjust settings and temperature right from the digital control panel. Digital controls are more accurate and more durable. The Pyle PSTMP95 also comes with a powerful Steam Burst function to set-in creases and remove stubborn wrinkles. Unlike some steam presses this Pyle model comes with a handy removable water reservoir to make refilling easier. See all the other great features of this model.


  • Powerful steam plus press pressure creates long-last creases and removes even the most stubborn wrinkles for professional results
  • Large steam press surface is 9 times larger than a conventional iron but can be easily operated with one hand
  • A professional digital easy-touch control center provides multiple dry heat and steam settings and temperature adjustment right from the handy control panel and provides LED indicator lights that keep you in control
  • Accurate temperature control allows you to get the best results when steaming nylon, silk, rayon, wool, cotton, and linen
  • The non-stick and anti-shine press surface protects your clothing against scorching
  • A Steam Burst feature gives you extra steam power at the touch of a button for better creases and tough wrinkle removal
  • A handy 10 oz. refillable water tank slides out easily for easy refilling with the included water container funnel
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature prevents fabric scorching
  • Steam press dimensions are 26.7 x 10.2 x 22.0 inches


  • Removable and washable steam press cover
  • Fabric-covered pressing cushion pad
  • Water spray bottle
  • Reservoir fill cup


  • Sturdy, quality construction
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Easy to setup and use


  • None noted


#3 – Steamfast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press

Steam Press Iron Steamfast SP-660 Table Top Steam PressYou probably already know the Steamfast name. They are one of the largest manufacturers of steam products including irons, garment steamers, home steamers, steam mops, and steam presses in the world. Their Steamfast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press is a great example of a press that has the performance you need to provide professional results at home. Small enough to be portable, you can use this steam press anywhere in your home that has a sturdy flat surface. Here are its main features.


  • Get the results of a professional dry cleaner or laundry right in the comfort of your own home using this powerful 1300-watt steam press
  • Large pressing surface is 7 times larger than a conventional iron while the unit remains portable enough to be used anywhere in the home with a sturdy flat surface
  • Get powerful steam bursts that penetrate deep to remove stubborn wrinkles, freshen clothes, and make professional creases at the touch of a button
  • Selectable temperature settings insure that you can safely press a variety of fabrics
  • Water reservoir holds a full 10 oz. of water to insure long steam duration
  • The press features a non-stick pressing plate that reduces the risk of shining and scorching
  • Its portable size measuring 24 x 22 x 9 inches and light weight at 19.8 lbs. makes it easy to move around the home and also insures compact storage
  • Automatic safety shutoff with audible alarm prevents accidents and damage to fabrics
  • Pressing surface measures 22 x 8.7 inches
  • Steamfast provides a 1-year limited warranty on this model


  • Washable ironing pad cover
  • Fill bottle
  • Spray bottle
  • Shoulder pad

Download Steamfast SP-660 Manual >>


  • Compact size is perfect for tabletop
  • Amazingly easy to setup
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Some say it’s too small
  • Pricey
  • May need to wait for reheating after just four pressings or less
  • Takes too long for steam build-up


#2 – Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press

Steam Press Iron Steamfast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam PressSteamfast earned two positions in our list because of the quality and performance of their steam presses. They also have earned a reputation for excellent customer service after the sale. The Steamfast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press features a molded heating element that provides even heat distribution and a non-stick pressing surface both important for a more professional look without damaging fabric. Here are its main features.


  • Powerful 1350-watt steam press removes even the toughest wrinkles while producing long-lasting creases and professional results
  • Large non-stick coated pressing surface is 9-10 times larger than a conventional iron which saves time
  • Precision digital control panel give you control over multiple day and steam settings as well as material and temperature adjustments
  • Steam press has a built-in water capacity of 10 oz. which provides reasonable steam duration and features dual vaporizing technology to reduce moisture build-up
  • A built-in steam burst function removes stubborn wrinkles and produces long-lasting creases
  • Stainless steel construction insures rust-free durability for years of useful life
  • Bottom plate locks to the top press for easy transport and storage
  • Automatic shut-off keeps children safe and prevents damage to fabrics
  • Steamfast provides a 1-year limited warranty on this model

Download Steamfast SF-680 Manual >>>




  • Works especially well on large items like sheets
  • Easy to use
  • Very sturdy with durable construction
  • Great performance on shirts and slacks


  • Takes too long to reheat
  • Pricey
  • On/off switch on back presents possibility of getting burned
  • Steep learning curve


#1 – SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press

Steam Press Iron Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam PressSinger’s newest model, the ESP-2 Magic Steam Press features 100 lbs. of pressure at your fingertips. It gives you control over dry and steam modes as well as temperature. Its extra-large press area is up to 14 times larger than most conventional irons and it’s diecast aluminum base insures even pressure and temperature across the press. See the main features of our choice as the best home steam press.


  • Extra-large pressing surface is up to 14 times larger than most conventional irons
  • You can bring a full 100 lbs. of pressure to bear using just fingertip force
  • Selectable no-steam or electronically pumped variable steam as well as accurate temperature control that can handle multiple fabric types from nylon to linen
  • Steam burst technology produces concentrated steam at the push of a button to remove stubborn wrinkles and set long-lasting creases
  • It also has a 24″ by 9″ pressing area making it almost 14 times larger than a conventional iron.
  • The safety shut off will turn the unit off in 15 minutes if the handle is left up and after 10 seconds if the handle is left down offering peace of mind.
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-fill 300 mL water tank
  • Compact when secured and lightweight at only 22 lbs. this model is easily transportable and also stores easily
  • Singer provides a limited 1-Year warranty on this model


  • Pressing Cushion
  • Measuring cup
  • Spray bottle


  • Removes wrinkles very fast
  • Nice looking machine
  • Love the portability


  • Steam press area a little small
  • Can spit hot water
  • Steam button poorly located



Steam Press Iron 


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