You already know that a Steamfast fabric steamer is going to deliver powerful steam to remove wrinkles at a value price.  Hot steam penetrates deep into fabrics and relaxes fibers, releasing wrinkles faster than ironing and freshening clothes in seconds. A Steamfast fabric steamer is gentle on your most delicate fabrics, yet works equally well on drapes, upholstery and other heavier materials.

Steamfast Fabric Steamer: Steamfast SF-520 Steaming ViewPowerful steam not only freshens fabrics and releases wrinkles, but reduces dust mite allergens, kills germs and bed bugs as well. Less expensive and much safer than dry cleaning, a Steamfast fabric steamer requires no chemicals, making it safe for use around your family and pets.


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The question is which Steamfast fabric steamer is right for you?  Steamfast offers a variety of home garment steamers from basic compact models to a professional model with a large reservoir and heavy-duty construction.

The table below shows all the Steamfast clothes steamer models and their important specifications.


Steamfast Comparison
SF-407 SF-510 SF-520 SF-540 SF-560 SF-565
Watts 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Water Capacity (Oz.) 40 46 70 78 68.5 106
Heating Time (Sec) 45 45 45 45 35 45
Height (In.) 64.76 63 63.35 65.75 62.5 63.39
Depth (In.) 11.81 11 12.01 13.9 16.89 15.75
Width (In.) 8.07 11.5 10.04 9.25 9.72 11.81
Weight (Lbs.) 8.2 10.82 10.05 10.1 10.43 14.19
Cord Length (Ft.) 6.2 6.2 6 6.2 6 6
Plug Type 2-prong 2-prong 2-prong 2-prong 3-prong grounded 2-prong
Hertz 60 60 60 60 60 60
Volts 120 120 120 120 120 120
Amps 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5
Water Fill Method Removable reservoir Removable reservoir Removable reservoir Removable reservoir Removable reservoir Removable reservoir
Warranty 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year


The primary differences between models are the reservoir size, the unit’s overall size and weight, and although it isn’t evident from the chart, its construction.  For instance, the SF-565 Professional Fabric Steamer has a reservoir more than twice the size of the Steamfast SF 407 Fabric Steamer and weighs almost twice as much.  The SF-565 is designed for longer steam duration and more frequent use.






Steamfast has released a new medium-duty garment steamer that has a medium sized reservoir and is designed for more frequent fabric steaming at home.  This new model also fits nicely into the middle of the price range for Steamfast fabric steamers and is an excellent choice for those who plan to do more wrinkle removal, but want the budget price.

We searched retail sites, consumer sites, social media, home care forums, and customer review sites and found the new Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer to be a popular choice for the budget-minded.


Take a look at its features and see if the Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer is the bests garment steamer for your needs!


Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer

Steamfast Fabric Steamer: Steamfast SF-520 Main ViewWith its high-capacity water reservoir, long steam duration, and quick time-to-steam, the Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer meets the needs of a wide range of users who plan to more frequently remove wrinkles from garments, drapes, and other fabrics while need to stay on a budget.  You get the convenience of a removable water tank, the safety of a cool-touch insulated steam hose, and the utility of an integrated cord wrap.  Its large 70-oz. water reservoir delivers over an hour of continuous steam pressure and its 1500W of power gets you up and steaming in as little as 45 seconds.  Faster and safer for fabrics, you can use this clothes steamer on shirts and blouses, pants and skirts, dresses, coats, curtains, drapes, fabric furniture, table linens, and much more.

Steamfast Fabric Steamer: Features

  • 1500W home garment steamer with a high-capacity water tank and a quick time-to-steam
  • High-capacity 70-oz. removable water reservoir delivers up to 63 minutes of steam and is easy to empty and refill
  • Powerful 1500-watts of power provides a quick steam build-up of 45 seconds
  • 5-foot Cool-Touch insulated steam hose prevents burns
  • Convenient integrated cord wrap makes storage easier
  • Detachable telescopic pole with hanger makes wrinkle removal easy and fast
  • Large back wheels make it easy to transport and maneuver this clothing steamer from room to room or level to level
  • 1-Year limited warranty


Included Accessories

  • 1 – Foldable hanger
  • 1 – Fabric brush
  • 1 – Insulated hose
  • 1 – Telescoping stand
  • 1 – Cord wrap






Steamfast Fabric Steamer: Steamfast SF-520 Pants Steaming ViewCustomer Reviews

See Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer Customer Reviews >>>



  • Easy to use and store
  • Powerful steam flow
  • Long steam duration
  • Fast time to steam



  • Hose needs to be longer for steaming curtains
  • Hanger setup is awkward to use








Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer User Manual >>>



Steamfast Fabric Steamer



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A home Steamfast fabric steamer will save you time and money while delivering better results faster than an iron.  You don’t have to scorch your favorite clothes and fabrics.  Fabric steamers safely remove wrinkles without damaging garments.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right Steamfast fabric steamer for your needs!