If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, you know that a travel steamer can take away some of the stress of traveling.  A travel steamer keeps you from having to use a malfunctioning hotel iron with no ironing board to try and remove wrinkles from your valuable clothing.

Travel Steamer: Vitovill Garment Steamer Compact ViewA travel steamer is safer to use on your delicate clothing, doesn’t require an ironing board, and tucks away neatly in your suitcase so it’s always with you.  Irons, especially hotel irons, can scorch and burn your clothing, may transfer previous stains to your clothes, and may not even be available in your room.

What are some of the important things you need to consider when buying a travel steamer?


Effective garment steaming is all about power.  A powerful heating element generates steam more quickly and produces a more powerful steam flow that is necessary to effectively remove wrinkles from heavier fabrics.  Clothes steamer power is measured in watts and you should expect an effective steamer to have 1000 watts of power or more.


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Travel is an exercise in only taking with you what you absolutely need to reduce the stress on your suitcase and travel bags.  Choosing to take a travel steamer with you means that the space it occupies will be unavailable for other needs.

Travel Steamer: Vitovill Garment Steamer Application ViewIdeally, a travel steamer is large enough, with a large enough water reservoir, to remove wrinkles from your day’s garments.  Refilling takes time and if you only have a limited time in the morning to remove wrinkles, a very small portable garment steamer may be inconvenient.

On the other hand, a larger travel clothing steamer will take up more space in your travel bags, weighs more, and takes longer to generate steam.


You can save money by buying a cheap travel steamer, but it may come back to haunt you later if it isn’t safe.  A safe portable garment steamer should at least shut down automatically when it overheats or runs out of water.






Steam Pump

The best fabric steamers don’t depend on steam generation alone to provide a powerful steam flow.  It’s less common in travel steamers, but an electric steam pump will provide more powerful continuous steam and you will be more satisfied with the results.


We searched travel forums, manufacturer sites, customer review sites, social media, consumer sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated new travel steamer.


Take a look at our choice and see if this is the best travel garment steamer for your needs!


Vitovill Handheld Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Travel Steamer: Vitovill Garment Steamer Main ViewIf you’re looking for a compact travel steamer that will fit neatly into your travel bag while delivering plenty of steam for wrinkle removal, the Vitovill Handheld Portable Travel Garment Steamer is a popular new choice.  It has a quick time to steam of only 20 seconds that allows you to start removing wrinkles even before your coffee is ready and up to 7 full minutes of continuous steam.  Its compact, lightweight, and streamlined design is easy to handle and travels well whether you travel for business, or vacation.  You’ll appreciate that this hand held steamer turns itself off if it overheats or runs out of water.  Its integrated scale prevention system allows you to use tap water without worry.  Innovative onboard steam pump insures maximum steam flow and powerful wrinkle removal.  If a fabric steamer can be stylish, this model is stylish especially compared to its competition.  Safe and gentle on all your clothing including silks, nylons, chiffons, cotton, woolen, shirts, suits, night shirts, and more.  Steaming your clothing has the added benefit of killing bacteria, removing odors, and freshening them.


Travel Steamer: Features

  • Small, lightweight, ergonomic 1000W portable steamer for clothes with a fast time to steam of only 20 seconds with a continuous steam duration of up to 7 minutes
  • Innovative steam pump delivers powerful, continuous steam flow to the toughest wrinkles
  • Its compact polypropylene water reservoir is removable for easy filling and holds 3.4 oz. of water
  • Safety features include an auto shutoff that turns off the steamer if it overheats or runs out of water
  • Easy to use, it has an integrated fabric brush that freshens the look of your garments
  • Its long 6.5-foot power cord gives you the flexibility to remove wrinkles where it’s convenient to you
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum heater
  • World-compatible supporting both 220/120VAC and 50/60 Hz
  • Travel Steamer: Vitovill Garment Steamer Features ViewCompact dimensions are 15.7L x 5.5W x 5.9H inches and it weighs only 1.5 lbs. dry and 2.2 lbs. wet


Included Accessories

  • 1 – Long brush
  • 1 – Villus brush (for pet hair removal)


Customer Reviews

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Removes most wrinkles easily
  • Easy to use
  • Travels well








  • Not a heavy-duty garment steamer









Travel Steamer


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A travel steamer removes the stress you feel when you have to depend on hotel irons to remove wrinkles from your clothes.  Will there be a usable iron in the room?  Will there be a functioning ironing board?  If you travel a lot you know that it’s like Russian roulette.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose a travel steamer that meets your needs!