You have a good vacuum cleaner, but it doesn’t get out stains on your upholstery or carpet.  Even your regular carpet cleaner orUpholstery Steam Cleaner BISSELL Spotbot Pet Full View rental carpet cleaner won’t do a great job on carpet stains or upholstery stains.  You need an upholstery steam cleaner.  An upholstery steam cleaner is great for all your upholstery needs from cleaning your couch or car interior to spot cleaning all types of upholstery and carpets.

There tends to be confusion about steam cleaners and we want to clear up some of the mystery.  Steam cleaners come in a variety of models to clean floors, hard surfaces, carpets, upholstery, car interiors, and other fabric.  They are not the same as garment/clothes steamers which use steam to remove wrinkles and freshen garments.


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Carpet steam cleaners or carpet washers use hot water and detergent to wash carpets cleaner than vacuuming alone.

Floor steamers or steam mops also use very hot water or steam to remove sticky messes and grime from tile, linoleum, stone, hardwood, and other hard surfaces.

Upholstery steam cleaners don’t actually use steam, but use hot water and detergent to wash your upholstered furniture, auto interiors, and carpet.  They are especially useful for hard to reach places like carpeted stairs and auto upholstery.





There are several multi-purpose steamers that may also clean upholstery, but in general they are more expensive and if your main purpose is stain removal on upholstery and carpets, they are overkill.


We searched cleaning forums, social media, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated upholstery cleaner.


Take a look at our choice and see if this spot and stain cleaner is the perfect upholstery steam cleaner for you.


Upholstery Steam Cleaner: Best Portable Stain Remover

BISSELL 33N8 Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Upholstery Steam Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology

Carpet Stain Cleaner BISSELL Spotbot Pet Full ViewWouldn’t it be great if you had a portable spot and stain cleaner that could remove tough stains of all kinds, including pet stains, from upholstery, carpet, and even car interiors?  Ideally, you wouldn’t have to go over and over the stain and perform repeated cleanings with household cleansers or your carpet cleaner.  The best would be if you could leave the stain cleaner cleaning like your washing machine and just go about your business until it was done cleaning.  It would be an automatic set-and-forget cleaning solution.  Well BISSELL has designed the BISSELL Spotbot Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner to do just that. It is your own personal stain cleaning robot that lets you choose a cleaning setting, start the machine and walk away.  The Spotbot does all the work for you automatically all by itself.  It’s very portable and does a professional job at a price that will probably pay for itself in one job, when compared to professional cleaning companies.


Upholstery Steam Cleaner: Features

  • The BISSELL Spotbot gives you set and forget automatic handsfree robotic stain and spot removal capability.  Just set the kind of stain, turn-on, and walk away while the preset cleaning cycles spray, brush and remove both surface and tough set-in stains.
  • Powerful 3 amp motor
  • Manual cleaning settings are ideal for upholstery, auto, and stairs.
  • Uses over 400 brush revolutions during just one surface stain removal cycle.
  • Microban antimicrobial protection fights bacteria, mold, and mildew inside this BISSELL.
  • Full 32 oz capacity cleaning solution tank
  • Deep Reach Technology and the Automatic Smart System inject the perfect amount of detergent solution and water to deliver powerful deep cleaning to remove stains and spots from the bottom up.




  • Specially designed for the unique stain problems that pets present, the BISSELL Spotbot Pet cleans deeply to make it less likely that pets return to a stain location.
  • Capable of handling both surface and set-in stains.
  • Can remove up to 99% of odor-causing bacteria when used with Pet Stain and Odor Remover.
  • A wide 7-inch cleaning path makes quick work of all of your cleaning, stain and spot removal tasks.
  • A long 16-foot power cord frees you to place the BISSELL stain remover where you need it without worrying about available outlets.
  • Compact dimensions of 9W x 17D x 13.50H inches and light weight of only 12.5 lbs.
  • Choose one of BISSELL’s great cleaning formulas including BISSELL Little Green formula for everyd
  • ay stains, BISSELL Pet Stain and Odor portable machine formula for tough pet stains and odor, and BISSELL Oxy Gen2 formula for an extra stain removal boost.
  • The BISSELL Spotbot is easy to store and easy to grab for cleaning messes anytime.
  • BISSELL provides a 1-Year limited warranty on the Spotbot.

Customer Reviews

See BISSELL 33N8 Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Upholstery Steam Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology Customer Reviews >>>



  • Perfect for spot cleaning
  • Well-designed and compact
  • Great value
  • Robotic cleaning is superb


  • Some water container leaking reported
  • Can go through cleaning solution quickly
  • Some report that it leaves the carpet too wet
  • Noisy operation











Upholstery Steam Cleaner



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